Pauline C

Rare moments in 18 years that we have been on the same turf. #england

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Not bad .. Not too many wrinkles right ? Great to have girlfriends around the world. Cheers to that.

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Hi everyone, plse visit our #facebook page for all the latest news out of our studio in Shanghai, enjoy all the wonderful stories shared.

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A Love Story 63 Years in the Making

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It's been a while girls

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One of my fav shots of the back of our bride's dress.. A lot of the time we are shown a zillion great backs in inspirational pics that don't always sit well with the front and it becomes challenging design wise to make sure it comes together. This is one of those creations that came right 360!! Very happy! #bridal #peonyricebrides #weddingdress #gown #ukweddings #bride

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Working away and it's still the most frustrating thing ever when you have a deadline and then pages are dead... 😁

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Reminiscing at how much younger I looked and felt... Hard to imagine this was a few years back and I can't exactly remember where except #happytimes and somewhere in #asia

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RT @NewYorker: Edith Windsor is thrilled with today's Supreme Court ruling, but called it "only the major next step."

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