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Ice Bucket Challenge HK - AnD CEO takes one for the team

The team all went out to the nearby Wanchai Wet Market to join in on the #IceBucketChallenge fun for a good cause.  Check out the video we shot today -

The ball is in your court Jessica, Allan and Waveya! ;-)

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香港 #冰桶撥水挑戰# - 在灣仔街市 alive的老闆Raffi收到了!@etchy @JessicaCambensy @AllanWu吴振天 #WAVEYA# #alivenotdead#


RT @simonsquibb: @hypercasey @thewanderlister @Etchy @JayOatway nice work! :)

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Oh crap! RT @hypercasey: I've accepted the #IceBucketChallenge from @simonsquibb - on to you @etchy #ALSHongKong

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Thanks AnD bros (and sisters!) //@伍允龍PhilipNg: [嘻嘻][乾杯][嘻嘻] Congratulations!!! Woohoo!!!

谢霆锋 及 霍汶希Mani 在 澳门 新濠天地 苏濠SOHO开幕仪式。

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謝霆鋒 在 Soho Macau 開幕裡! #sohomacau##謝霆鋒##alivenotdead##city of dreams#

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Congratulations to migme going public!

As you may know, about 6 months ago AnD was acquired by a Singapore based social app company, now called migme ( ).  Yesterday our parent company went public on the Australian Stock Exchange!  Some news clippings here:

We'd like to take this moment to congratulate them on their accomplishment and thank them again for their support in redeveloping the website!  And we will continue to work with migme to bring AnD artists into their community for fan interactions and contests.

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

Look for more developments

Migme makes debut on asx the west australian 2014 08 12 12 dot 17 dot 03 copy Migme asx opening bell
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great turn out from our Singapore based AnD artists at our first AnD supported event in Singapore in a while. Let's do this again soon! #thepapashop @thepapashop

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