佐藤 健 在 第九届亚洲电影大奖红毯

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【视频: 佐藤 健 在 第九届亚洲电影大奖红毯】 (分享自 @优酷)#佐藤健# #alivenotdead#

9th Asian Film Awards - Results, Photos and Videos

We were fortunate enough to be media sponsors for the 9th Asian Film Awards, held at the Venetian Macao on March 25, 2015.   This year we covered all parts of the event, including the pre-event press conferences, the red carpet, the ceremony and the after awards press conferences.

Here's our photo albums from each portion -

Here's a few of the videos we have uploaded so far -
Satoh Takeru - Pre-Event Press Conference -
Nakatani Miki - Pre-Event Press Conference -
Satoh Takeru - Red Carpet -

The 9th Asian Film Awards winners by category were -

  • Best Actress - Bae Doona · A Girl at My Door
  • Best Film - Blind Massage
  • Best Newcomer - Zhang Huiwen  · Coming Home
  • Best Director - Ann Hui· The Golden Era
  • Best Actor - Liao Fan · Black Coal, Thin Ice
  • Best Supporting Actor - Wang Zhiwen · The Golden Era
  • Best Supporting Actress - Ikewaki Chizuru · The Light Shines Only There
  • Best Screenwriter - Diao Yinan · Black Coal, Thin Ice
  • Best Costume Designer  - William Chang · Gone with the Bullets
  • Best Composer - Margarita· Mikey McCleary
  • Best Production Designer - Liu Qing · Gone with the Bullets
  • Best Cinematographer - Zeng Jian · Blind Massage
  • Best Editor - Gareth Evans · Berandal
  • Best Visual Effects - Gone with the Bullets · Rick Sander, Christoph Zollinger
  • Excellence in Asian Cinema Achievement Award - Nakatani Miki
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Im Kwon-taek
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satohtakeru #佐藤健 at #asianfilmawards #redcarpet last night. Full video on alivenotdead YouTube channel! #alivenotdead #rurounikenshin #VenetianMacao

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SatohTakeru #佐藤健 at #AsianFilmAwards Red Carpet #alivenotdead #rurounikenshin #venetianmacao

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宮沢りえ x #郭富城. #miyazawarie #AaronKwok @aaronkwokxx #asianfilmawards #AFAs #alivenotdead #redcarpet

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廖凡# #LiaoFan# #asianfilmawards #AFAs #redcarpet #VenetianMacao #alivenotdead

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【视频: 佐藤 健 在 第九届亚洲电影大奖】 (分享自 @优酷)#佐藤健# #剑心# #alivenotdead#

中谷美纪 在 第九届亚洲电影大奖

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佐藤 健 在 第九届亚洲电影大奖

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