AnD网站最新功能! AnD网站陆续推出几个大改进! 对于我们国内的用户, 自己喜爱的艺术家网上照片并非总能显示,这是由于在Facebook和Instagram在中国境内有一些限制。我们很高兴地宣布,我们新的进口商已经解决了这个问题,现在所有用户无论身在何处,都能看到所有喜爱的艺术家的照片。

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回覆@杨振龙JamasterA: for sure! //@杨振龙JamasterA:Thanks @alivenotdead ,hope we work together in coming future[作揖][作揖] //@alivenotdead:nice! All our friends together!

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nice! All our friends together!

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Latest Enhancements to AnD! AnD网站最新功能!

我们很高兴地宣布,我们将在AnD网站陆续推出几个大改进,第一个刚于今天推出!对于我们国内的用户, 自己喜爱的艺术家网上照片并非总能显示,这是由于在Facebook和Instagram在中国境内有一些限制。我们很高兴地宣布,我们新的进口商已经解决了这个问题,现在所有用户无论身在何处,都能看到所有喜爱的艺术家的照片。

请在我们的搜索数据库找你所有喜爱的艺术家: 看看他们的最新更新,并留言给他们!

We are excited to announce that we have several big improvements to the AnD website coming up soon. The first has just launched today!  For our Mainland China users,  the imported photos from their favorite artists was not always displaying due to some limitations on Facebook and Instagram within China.  We are pleased to say that our new importer has solved this problem and now all users no matter where they are located will be able to see all of the photos from their favorite artists. 

Please find all your favorite artists in our searchable database here:

Check out their latest updates and leave them some comments!

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AnD is an official media sponsor for #Boomshack's #4thofJuly Beach party! #hopleafhk #Repost @boomshackhk with @repostapp. ・・・ physical tickets for the July 4th beach party are now available for purchase at Boomshack! with less than a week to go, you got your party crew together yet? // #boomshackhk #boomshackevents

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Who says Hong Kong is overcrowded?! #laichiwo #plovercovecountrypark #船灣郊野公園 #荔枝窩 #sunscreen

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・・・ Our fam from Hong Kong showing some love @alivenotdead #agendafest2015

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Congrats to #MakerHive on the opening! #thehivehk #thehivehongkong @thehivehongkong @hypercasey @startupshk

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Who's ready for #IndieAttitude??? Tomorrow night! @boomasia #boommagazine ➡️ #freetherobots #roamelsewhere

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