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RT @TheWedge1981: I liked a @YouTube video from @alivenotdead "Expendables 3" Macau Red Carpet at Venetian Macao

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Expendables Press Con

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「轰天勐将3」- 史泰龙 和 阿诺·施瓦辛格 记者会 - - #轰天勐将3# #史泰龙# #阿诺# #VenetianMacau# #UFC澳门格斗之夜# @UFC美国终极格斗冠军赛

Last night's press conference with Schwarzenegger and Stallone and Ronda Rousey for "Expendables 3"

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「轰天勐将3」亚洲特别放映会 - 史泰龙 和 阿诺·施瓦辛格 在红地毯

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「轰天勐将3」亚洲特别放映会 - #史泰龙# 和 #阿诺德# 在红地毯 - #轰天猛将3# @JessicaCambensy @伍允龍PhilipNg @蘇頌輝Desmond @DJTommy-UFODJs

"Expendables 3" Macau Red Carpet at Venetian Macao: via @YouTube

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If it bleeds we can kill it! @伍允龍PhilipNg @蘇頌輝Desmond @Desmond蘇頌輝FanClub @DJTommy-UFODJs @timmyhungtinming #VenetianMacau #UFC澳门格斗之夜# #The Expendables 3# #alivenotded#


Ana R 冰桶撥水挑戰 !

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Supporting our favorite Mom, Lisa S!

Time flies! can't believe its over a year since our co-founder Daniel Wu and his wife Lisa S brought their first daughter Raven into the world

Some of you may know that at AnD we also help connect artists with sponsorship opportunities, so we are proud to have helped Friso for the second year to help promote their partnership with Lisa.  The short film last year was quite sweet and hard to beat.  So we were curious what they would do this year now that the baby is growing up quickly. 

Check out the new video here -

Maybe Raven will make a cameo in the next one? ;-)

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