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Our #startupferry free tickets for Rise delegates are all GONE! We have a few left for #alivenotdead official artists, email us to RSVP ASAP! Thanks to our partners and sponsors: #migme #softlayer #sanmiguelbeer #fotopop and #anoushco ! It's going to be fun! @migmehq @softlayer #riseconf #riseweek. @riseconfhq @startupshk #startupshk

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DJ Miss Yellow - Headphones for a Good Cause!

Top Asian female DJ and good friend to the AnD community, DJ Miss Yellow has collaborated with Phatrice on a new line of high end headphones.  They are also for a good cause! Proceeds will go to well known Hong Kong charity organization Po Leung Kuk to give the elderly in Hong Kong who are living in poverty help get hearing aids. We are happy to support this effort by getting the word out!  Please check out the info below!

'''DJ Miss Yellow’s new Headphones will Change the Way You Listen'''

Miss Yellow, easily the hottest DJ today in Asia is no stranger to headphones, but her Limited Edition headphones launching in August are something like we have never seen before. A stark departure from the usual beat-blasting headphones pounding the ears of most bus and subway riders these days, these headphones set a completely new standard for what it means to be a true audio lover. The beauty and authentic audio quality are what make the headphones outstanding, but the story behind this project is what will truly make you want to listen up.

Good for the Environment
These Limited Edition headphones were commissioned for Miss Yellow with California-based headphone developer LSTN (pronounced ‘listen’). LSTN have become experts in headphone design specifically in the utilization of wood in the construction and audio tuning. The wood used in the construction of these headphones is actually repurposed wood collected from furniture manufacturers who produce a lot of waste wood scraps in their construction process. Zebrawood is quite popular especially for cabinet makers, so although collecting and selecting perfect pieces for the headphone construction is a lot of extra work, making a positive impact on the environment is certainly worth the trouble.

The Heart
While we are genuinely excited about the headphones themselves, what really makes this project special is that all profits will go towards hearing aids for low-income elderly in Hong Kong who are struggling with hearing loss. Online retailer PhatRice, a Hong Kong based startup that features and promotes ethical and sustainable products, has partnered with Miss Yellow to feature, promote and sell the headphones on their platform. Through a special program between PhatRice and well known Hong Kong charity Po Leung Kuk, all of the resulting profit from sales will go directly to providing high quality hearing aids in their elderly care community.

canyouhearus - The Campaign
Have you noticed some strange ear images on your news feed recently? In July Miss Yellow in collaboration with PhatRice launched a very creative Instagram campaign called #canyouhearus with the goal of raising awareness and donations to provide hearing aids for individuals in the Hong Kong elderly community struggling with hearing deficiencies. The campaign called on individuals to take a selfie of their own ear, now being referred to lovingly as an ‘earfie,’ and then share it on Instagram with the hashtag #canyouhearus.  The campaign has already garnished strong support from local artists and celebrities including mega pop star singer G.E.M. @gem0816, actor Leung Lit Wai @Oscar_waiwai, actress Chan Man Chi @Sharonchanmanchi, singer Candy Lo @candylumnurilo, and a host of others. The post from G.E.M. on July 15th alone received over 30 thousand likes in the first few hours, adding a lot of momentum to the initiative. Now with the launch of the headphones, supporters will have a new way to help donate to the cause by ordering a pair of the Miss Yellow headphones!

Only 100 pairs of the headphone have been commissioned, making this a truly Limited Edition item. Fans will be able to pre-order the headphones starting from 12:00am August 1st on at the following link for a price tag of HK$1500. The official launch event will be taking place on August 22nd at the KEE Club in Central and will be invite-only for VIP guests, but anyone who pre-orders the headphones before the event will receive two exclusive launch event invites for them and a friend. Another great reason to get a set!

Djmissyellow 20150706 686 Can you hear us infographic Djmissyellow 20150706 789
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Can't we all just get along??? #chunli #ryu #streetfighter #streetfighter2 #chunlicosplay #streetfightercosplay #streetfighterchunli #anicom2015 #anicom #hkcec #alivenotdead #cantwealljustgetalong

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More of the giant #millenniumfalcon at the #hottoys booth at #anicom #anicom2015 #alivenotdead #hongkong #hkcec

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