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Check it out! @JosieHoChiu #josieho #何超儀 #josieandtheuniboys #hktram #叮叮 #香港電車 https://t.co/Wf0D6cK01T

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Check it out! @josiehochiu #josieho #何超儀 #josieandtheuniboys #hktram #叮叮 #香港電車

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24Herbs! @geestyles phat24herbs djkeepintouch @geestyles jbs8five2 @24herbsofficial djspyzitrix… https://t.co/tnPQqO0KUA

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24Herbs! @24herbs_official @phat24herbs @djkeepintouch @geestyles2.0 @jbs8five2 @eddie24herbs @djspyzitrix #喜愛夜蒲 #wonderland廿四味 #afterdarkandbeyond

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HKIFF42 to Open with Omotenashi and Xiao Mei

Another update from the HKIFF! They announced their opening and closing lineup last week!  Check it out below (more info at http://www.hkiff.org.hk/ )- 

28 February 2018 (Hong Kong) – The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) announced today the full line-up of the 42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF42) at its press conference held at The Mira Hong Kong. Attending gues...Read more

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42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival Opens March 19th

AnD is proud to be a supporter of the 42nd annual Hong Kong International Film Festival yet again!   Please click here to check out the official HKIFF page on AnD for the latest.  The festival opens March 19th and runs through April 5th 2018.

Here's their press release announcing the legendary Brigitte Lin as the special guest for this year's Filmmaker in Focus series - 

17 January 2018 (Hon...Read more

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Storm The Gates - The mobile game!

Dear friends,

We wanted to help our buddies at HOBO LABS get the word out about their latest game, "Storm the Gates", just out today on the iTunes app store and the Google Play store. Check it out here -  http://hobolabs.com/storm-the-gates/

  • Challenge players from all over the globe in real-time versus battles!
  • Unlock chests to earn rewards, collect new gear and skills, and upgrade existing ones!
  • Discove...Read more
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happynewyear ! Thanks to our #Brazilian #Carnival dancers for helping us ring in #2018 ! #sambadancer #armaniprivehk #alivenotdead @armaniprivehk #chaterhouse

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happynewyear! #armaniprivehk #alivenotdead armaniprivehk https://t.co/p0tltmJkRJ

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happynewyear! #armaniprivehk #alivenotdead @armaniprivehk

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