Win tickets to "The Maze Runner" From AnD!

It's that time again, time for another AnD movie screening giveaway contest!   After a great time watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" together last month, this time we're giving away pairs of tickets to "The Maze Runner" ( trailer).  The screening will be Sept 22nd at The Metroplex Cinemas in Kowloon Bay. 

In order to win a pair of tickets to the special AnD screening of "The Maze Runner", just do the following easy steps:

  1. Share this announcement on your Facebook or Weibo by clicking these links and encouraging your friends to enter too.
  2. Send an email to with your name, phone number and a link to your AnD account (if you don't have one already, set one up instantly by clicking the 'sign up' button at the top of this page).

We will contact the winners by email by September 18th, so stay tuned!  Thanks!

Screening flier 2014 09 v1
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回覆@安志杰AndyOn: ha ha. thanks dude! :-D //@安志杰AndyOn:[瞧瞧][赞啊]

上個星期的活動的報紙文章。 不錯! @王敏奕Venus @安志杰AndyOn @貝安琪Ankie #alivenotdead##Ankie# #andy on# #venus wong#


今天在港鐵看到了我們的"#护鲨行动# X alivenotdead 「#一翅都唔食#」" 活動的#有線寬頻#報道! 哈哈。@AnaRivera @王敏奕Venus

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Late pics from Thursday's joint poster launch event with @SharkSavershk at @showhk. Thanks everyone for your support! @ankiebeilke @andyonimal @ana_r @anjoleung @playtimehk @alvingoh @wongmanyik

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Late pics from Thursdays joint event with @SharkSavershk at @showhk. Thanks everyone for your support! @wongmanyik #venuswong

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Missed you guys at the launch! [泪][泪] //@Robynn葉晴晴:雖然未能出席當天的宣傳活動,但透過這次發聲,希望我們能出一分力,宣揚愛,鼓勵大家去愛護我們美麗的地球,去保護自然生態。 或許世界很多事不完美,但也就是因為這樣,我們有這個機會和責任去付出,去行動。

护鲨行动 X alivenotdead 「一翅都唔食」活动大使海报 Behind the Scenes

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视频: 护鲨行动 X alivenotdead 「一翅都唔食」活动大使海报 Behind the Scenes! - 明天有发布会!请大家来吧!@JessicaCambensy @AlvinGoh吳吉倫 @安志杰AndyOn @王敏奕Venus @Robynn葉晴晴 @RobynnandKendy @Kendy_RnK @AnaRivera #modelone# @游戏时间 @貝安琪Ankie

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