Hope everyone is safe on the streets in Hong Kong! The entire AnD staff is in Korea at the moment, we had our first ever event in Seoul last night. Check out the pics here. Special thanks to for their support! :-D

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Great to meet #BradMoore from #BuskerBusker at our first Korea event last night. Thanks for coming out! @elenatung #buskerbuskerbrad @etchymcetchy #bradleymoore #alivenotdead

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Thanks to all the korean artists who came to #Gangnam tonight to attend our first ever #alivenotdead event in Korea! This is only half of them! Thanks #YesStyle! #TwiceLounge #migme @yesstyle @waveyaari @waveyamiu @miuforyou @elenatung #waveya

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Thanks to everyone who joined our migme chat with #WaveyaDanceGroup last night!

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The AnD team is in Korea at the moment for an event, but our thoughts are with our HK friends, family, artists and users right now. Hope everyone is safe and given a voice.

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About the Hong Kong Protests

A quick update from the AnD team. As you may have heard there are big protests going on in Hong Kong over the right to universal suffrage. You probably have seen dramatic photos from protests and police actions on the news, or even here on homepage lifestream as many members of our artists community are participating in the protests, or commenting on the situation.  

As a company with our headquarters in Hong Kong, of course we support the people of Hong Kong and hope that protests are peaceful and there is no violence from either side.  

PS - in case you are wondering, the entire AnD team is in Korea at the moment for our artist meet up being held Tuesday night,  so we are not directly participating or being effected by the situation (some of which is not far from our office).  We'll have to see how the protests progress to see if there's any longer term impact on our upcoming events or activities.  (Already some other entertainment events this week have been cancelled).

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Quick announcement that we have added online purchase of table packages to our Halloween party info page, be sure to check it out here -

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We are pleased to announce our first ever artist meet up in Korea!  Over the years we have done numerous AnD events in HK, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore, Macau, Japan and the US, but we've never done anything in Korea... til now! 

On September 30th we will have our first artist meet up in Seoul.  It will be an artist meet up type mixer.  It  will be held at the stylish TWICE Dining Lounge in Gangnam. Please RSVP (see flier) if you are interested in attending and meeting the AnD team and other indie artists from Korea.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to our group trip to watch "The Maze Runner" at The Metroplex last night!

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