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每年的生日都伴随着不同的岁月 领悟着不同的成长 感谢老天给我的和拿走的一切

Just being #bruceleelee 😑

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Karaoke is a must as long as @etchymcetchy is rocking the mic! 🎤

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He does this at 5:30am everyday. And during dinner time...and whenever he's hungry and can't find me. Thanks to my baby sister @dratien for capturing this craziness. #bruceleelee #smartass #cat 😺

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Happy birthday to my baby sister , Sandra! Thanks for the most fantastic Japanese food I've had in Hong Kong. ❤️ @ronin_hk

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Finally! 😋 #roninhk

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Thanks for kicking my ass, Rachel! #borntomove #youarexyz #10am 😅😅😅🚴

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Andy On * official artist

Actor, Stuntperson


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Favorite Movies Any Given Sunday, True Romance, Mad Detective, Invisible Target, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, etc.
Gender male
Favorite Books The Cheesecake Factory Menu...still.
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