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Wu Di, Jet Li, and Some Flying Swords

I went to a promotional event for Flying Swords of Dragon Gate last month and I cannot believe it has taken me this long to post something up about it on AnD. Okay, my life has been so crazy busy this month, I can believe it. Fortunately, I'm in a sweet lull right now which allows me to share a few shots with you all as we bid farewell to 2011. It's my second time photographing Jet Li, but Wu Di and the league of kick ass bad guys stole the show as far as photography was concerned. It was also my second time shooting Mavis Fan, though I did not recognize her until I got back to my studio and sorted out the images. I am still sadly negligent about Chinese film stars, but in my defense, all of you who promised lists of movies I must see have never delivered the goods. Anyway, here's a visual representation of how the night went down for a theater full of (mostly female) lucky fans. No wires

"Does this hat make my head look fat?"

Three posers - okay, these guys are the real deal.

The softer side of the stage show.

Faster than a speeding shutter.

Final touches. Wu Di is sporting a buzz cut for his current movie project (Hair Club)

Mavis Fan and Zhou Xun answer questions for the audience

Chen Kun, Li Yuchun, and Kwai Lun-mei. He got the loudest applause from the ladies in the audience.

Director Tsui Hark and Jet Li enjoy a lighthearted moment with the audience

This was some crazy thing they did where the actors had to answer a question from inside the box and sign the scroll and, well, I didn't have a translator and quit trying to figure out what was going on, but eventually they threw the scrolls into the audience and the ladies went crazy, but thankfully avoided actually getting into fist fights over the scrolls.

Jet Li fields a few questions and seems to resemble my dad.

I love the expressions of the hosts as they watched this comedian perform.

Wu Di, Sheng Jian, and Du Yi Heng wrapped up the evenings entertainment.

Here's wishing you all a safe and happy 2012!

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Review of the Canon PowerShot S100

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Oh, so this is!

Slacker! Not really. Between the illnesses that struck our home these past two months - kids bring the darnedest things home with them from school - and a slew of work that just got busier as 2010 came to a close, I haven't had time to check on AnD. Glad to know the site can run now without me.

Most of my work lately has been client based, which I'm grateful for, but is largely work I cannot share here. However, I thought I would post an image from a few months back to brighten up your winter. If you live somewhere like Beijing, it's fairly bleak right now. I don't mind winter, but I'll be glad when spring shows its face around here.

Happy Birthday Pat!

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Here's a Beijing fun fact. This mornings air quality index was 562. Hm, just a number, I wonder what that means? So I checked out the handy scale the government (US, that is) put out about the readings.Air Quality Index

(AQI) Values)

Levels of Health Concern

When the AQI is in this range:

...air quality conditions are:






Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

151 to 200


201 to 300

Very Unhealthy

301 to 500

HazardousWhat happens after 500? It doesn't say. I had often wondered until I saw the numbers today. Here's the AQI twitter feed:

11-19-2010; 02:00; PM2.5; 562.0; 500; Crazy Bad // Ozone; 0.1; 0; No Reading

That's right, our Beijing's air quality is now officially crazy bad! To review:

Beijing on a blue sky day:

Beijing on a cool sky day: Beijing on a crap sky day: Beijing on a "Crazy Bad" sky day: Want to follow along? Check out and find out exactly when the air will become so polluted, I'll never be able to blog again. Or maybe I'll just stay indoors. With the air filter on high. Strapped to my face.

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Zhou Le in Beijing

I managed to sneak out and have lunch with Zhou Le today at Biteapitta. Zhou Le hails from Belgium, but he's been living the past five years in Shanghai working as a director and making films. He's currently wrapped up in a personal project that should be very cool once he is ready to unveil it to the public. Hopefully, he will give us a sneak peak in the future. Shanghai could not contain his creative talents, so we are fortunate to have him in Beijing now. Check out his blog here on alivenotdead. Apologies for once again neglecting to shoot the food. We thought the place was a good value for the money. I'll be back for sure. Here's some details about Biteapitta as their website is "under construction". Boxed, but not beaten! Zhou Le is ready to take on Beijing. Psst, lady, get out of the picture!!

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And Now for Some Sex Education

What happens when you mix a field trip + a bus full of grade school students + and a pornographic film? Undoubtedly some very odd learning experiences and perhaps a teachable moment. Find out by reading my latest blog elsewhere which, unfortunately, I cannot post here. Trust me, it will make you laugh, even if I did write it.

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Chillin' w/ Fine Art

With a few spare hours on my birthday (I’m still waiting for my presents from a few of you) Savvy and I meandered over to the 798 Art District and visited a few outstanding exhibitions. Here’s a taste. If you are in Beijing, I suggest a look.

Chen Qi has spent more than twenty years pushing the envelope with his water-based wood cut print making. In his latest exhibition, he delves into paper cutting as well. Though I like his paper work (he made a book too which I don't have a shot of), he is probably the world's greatest master of the wood block. His exhibition, Notions of Time, is currently on show at Amelia Art Gallery.

This piece is made of multiple panels and is over 7 meters long. My only regret is that it was on the back wall and because of the paper cut outs on the floor, I could not get close to it.Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom had fun with lottery tickets for their show, Price of Happiness at the Paris Beijing Gallery.Savvy is feeling blue at the UCCA.Screwy artIf you are wondering what to get me for my birthday, even belatedly, Fang He has a solo exhibition, When Bird Falls Asleep, at Hanmo Art Gallery and I really like her work. Anyone have a spare RMB100,000?Wing of StarWe decided to settle for the art book of her work and some desert.Parting shot from some work I've been doing at the Orchard Restaurant with my new macro lens.

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Confessions of a professional blogger

Uh, hey How you been, baby? I know we haven't been seeing much of each other lately. I guess we've both been kind of doing our own thing; been wrapped up in our own worlds.

You know, it was fun hanging out with you when we first met. Sure, I didn't quite know what to think about you when we started seeing each other, but you really grew on me. You were special. My first.

But times change, we've changed and, well, I'm seeing another website now. No, no, it's not you. It's me. I just needed to start seeing another site. Please don't close me now. Hear me out, because I've learned something. Even though I want to keep seeing the other website, I want to spend more time with you too. My eyes have opened to the fact that I've got something to give to the both of you - you would not believe how completely different the two of you are.

Well, babe, if you've got it in you to check out my other blog, she's cool with it. Just click on I'm still working out the kinks, and there's not much to tell yet, but I think the two of us will be good together. Sure, she's a bit heavy handed, but she treats me well.

I just want you to know that even though you may not be my only one, you will always be my first. And you are soooo much sexier than the other one.

I think I've said enough. This is getting kind of...awkward.

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My little angel

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Wu Di is dead, but Dillion Wu lives on.

It was almost year ago when Wu Di left for the Wushu World Championships, returned with a gold medal and then promptly retired from the sport and the Beijing team. Shortly thereafter, I caught up with the national hero (what, no parade?) and we had one last photo shoot at the team's top secret training facility. As always, security was tight (what, no bag search?), but I managed to sneak in due to my ability to easily blend with the local culture.

Anyway, Wu Di's last request was that I post a few of the photos. Naturally, I didn't. So, in honor of the memory of Wu Di, here they are.

Rest in peace Wu Di.

Long live Dillion Wu.

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