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Kid Fresh on my cam !?

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Volar France Music Festival HK

The first time France Musical Festival in HK. How Hot? How Fun?

But I think will not have the second time.

Only the France Artist Live Performance.

I hate the police...

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Anna Live Graffiti / Elton John Live in HK

Today Alan, Eugene and me go to TST and saw Anna Live Graffiti.

What we can see? What we can meet?

Dont talk so much, i cant type a good english. Lets see the photo and enjoy it.

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We Will Rock You / James Blunt Live in HK / Traffic Accident

Something happen, something work, something relax....

We Will Rock You!!

Do you know? Are you hear?

Ben Elton - English Comedy Talent, a new musical play in HKAPA.

Are you Rock, come and see...

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Happy Birthday to Alive not dead

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I-1 GP 2008

Fright !! Fright !! Fright !!


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Beijing Club May 2008 Book

When Nick get me some book and see..

He help me so much, thanks he so much...

Do you want to see my party photo?

Do you see your face on the book?

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Red Bull Street Battles 2008

好久沒有寫BLOG啦 ,這兩星期真的很忙,還很累,請容許我休息上一段很短的日子,前日去了幫EA拍照片,第一次真正接觸STREET BATTLES,少許緊張,少許殘酷。朋友說,BATTLES比賽要咒駡對方,這條點子真是第一次聽見。

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Apero Yo Grand Opening - 20March, 2008

Some Photo coming from Apero Yo Grand Opening last month.

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Jumbo or not?

What the hell...do you want to buy it or use it in your life??

Bigger than my LX2!!! and look very heavy!!!

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香港世界宣明會 : [電話] 2394-2394 [捐款] 匯豐:018-554444-001 [捐款] 中銀:012-883-0-002666-2 香港紅十字會 : [電話] 2802-0021 [捐款] 匯豐:004-567-650155-016 [捐款] 中銀:012-806-0-000161-7


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