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The Extraterrestrial Compendium

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Been painting, drawin comics and working on our film script and will travel to Toronto in 2 weeks. Most likely stop by Japan before Toronto - Peace n God Bless.| Read more

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How to draw Transformers - Wizard Magazine|怎樣畫變形金剛 - Wizard 雜誌|怎样画变形金刚 - Wizard杂志

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish a Happy Birthday - I can't believe I'm turning 34, then again - it's just a number! I still look frikken young and lovin it haha!

My previous blogger blog was about Transformers the movie and comic book covers but this time I wanted to share with you an article that Wizard Magazine put out in 2001 (thanks to Justin Edmund Millen from FaceBook who kindly sent this article to me).

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Swamped...|迷惘中... |迷惘中...

AnD Folks,

I'll be traveling quite heavily this next 2 months, Taiwan, Toronto, New York then back to Hong Kong, Japan then New Zealand... Should be fun as I haven't been back to New York for such a long time and looking forward to spending time with my family in Toronto. Hope all is well with everyone on AnD and continue with love passion and hard work in this economic crisis.

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Transformers Tattoos - HARDCORE!|變形金剛紋身--硬核|变形金刚纹身--硬核

Here are some neat pictures of my Transformers artwork tattooed on a guy's chest and arms. This guy has some serious ink work on him and actually like the color choices. 

Blog continued   "Click Here"| 這是一些我在一個男人身上做的變形金剛紋身藝術作品的圖片。這個男的身上有一些鄭重的色料,實際上好像是顏色的選擇。

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Blog Change

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Blog Change

My blog has been changed to the following address:

http://patleeart.blogspot.comPlease visit PLP's other affiliated websites:

www.patleegallery.com www.DeepSkyPictures.com

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Optimus x $2.00usd and Hirst Supreme Decks|2美元的擎天柱和Hirst Supreme Decks|2美元的擎天柱和Hirst Supreme Decks

I just love shopping in Hong Kong and all of the wonderful things you can find in small back alley toy shops. Check out this really cool Optimus Pri... Wait a second. That's not Optimus Prime that's a knock off! But a damn pretty good one if you ask me. It even has a unique colorway blue mouth plate and chech that out - it also has a blue matrix in his chest and hey look at that, they even threw my artwork on the packaging.

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HK Art Event, Diamond Skulls and Skateboards|香港藝術活動,鑽石頭骨和滑板。|香港艺术活动,钻石头骨和滑板。

If you are into fine art you should really check out the HK Gallery event they have each year. This years event just passed and they had some really nice pieces there - From Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst to legendary artists such as Van Goh - it's probably the closest you will get to some of these original pieces in HK except for a few galleries.

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