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Philip Ng * official artist

A mini "Once Upon A Time In Shanghai" hot pot reunion :D

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"AVP" at UFC! #UFCatVenetian #UFC

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UFCatVenetian Here we come! :D (y)

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At my brother (鄭敬基) Joe Tay's concert tonight! Thank you for inviting me brother, it was excellent seeing you perform. I would not be where I am now if not for your help and selflessness a decade ago when I first returned to Hong Kong. Great show tonight brother, much love! :D #鄭敬基 #JoeTay

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With the lovely Rhonda Rousey, one of the greatest fighters in the world :D #RhondaRousey #Expendables3

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Dreams do come true! #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #Expendables3

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"Expendables 3" Gala Premiere at the Venetian Macao! #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #SylvesterStallone #RhondaRousey #Expendables3

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Excellent! Thank you sister! Looking great despite having ice water poured on your head! :D (y) #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Our old watering hole! We used to be here every night when we first came back to Hong Kong dreaming of making awesome kung fu movies! 同老朋友一齊在老地方食飯非常開心! :D

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Philip Ng * official artist

Action Director, Actor, Sports Athlete

Favorite Faves kicking people in the face, and watching television in my underpants.
Simplified Chinese Name 伍允龙
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