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Philip Ng

Action and fight choreography rehearsals, where the real magic begins! 動作設計同排練! 多謝咁多位兄弟的努力! 👍😄 #hongkongactioncinema #kungfumovies

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Getting some legendary acting advice from lengendary director Gordon Chan! 非常感謝陳嘉上導演的教導! 🙏🙇 #hongkongactioncinema #kungfumovies #GordonChan #陳嘉上

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認真地睇景中! Working hard or hardly working? #locationscouting #hongkongactioncinema #kungfumovies #GodisGood 😁😁😁

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Thank you Jade for inviting to work on your Music Video! God bless you always! 😊

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Happy Father's Day! 父親節快樂! God bless you Dad! 👍😄👊

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Happy Father's Day! 父親節快樂! God bless! [微笑][作揖]

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Rest is overrated. #GodismyStrength #GodisGood

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Spiritual training @skycitychurch 😄😄 #GodismyStrength #GodisGood

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Production meeting. A few more days until we start rolling them cameras! A little nervous but very excited! 製作會議中,仲有幾日就開鏡啦,有小小緊張但非常興奮!!! 😄😄😄👊👊👊 #hongkongactioncinema #kungfumovies

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Rest is overrated. #GodismyStrength

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