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Philip Ng

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今日非常開心可以跟好兄弟鄭敬基傾計傾全日 😊😊 Had a great long talk with my mentor and brother Joe Tay @joelatte today and as always, thru his humor, knowledge of the Bible, plus his ample life experiences, he has once again brought clarity to a clouded mind. God bless you brother Joe! #GodisGood #grace #love #brotherhood #酒杯敲鋼琴

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Thank you to Kenneth Chau (CEO and Founder) @iMusicTech for gifting me with your instant surround sound device! 多謝曬! 👍👍👍#iMusicTech #Emme #EmmeBear #Emmerpants 🐶✌

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Great seeing Pastor @jaesonma today! Thank you for your prayers and support! 多謝你的禱告Jaeson牧師! Surrender to God and everything else will fall into place! Amen and God bless! 😊☝#GodisGood

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惡戰 #OnceUponATimeInShanghai was nominated for best Martial Arts Choreography at this year's 34th annual Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony #第三十四屆香港電影金像獎頒獎典禮 😊

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The 34th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony (第三十四屆香港電影金像獎頒獎典禮) #34thHongKongFilmAwards

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We're heading to a party! 一起出發! [酷][doge][嘻嘻][good] #Emme#


We're heading to a party! 一起出發! 😎🐶 #Emme #EmmeBear #Emmerpants

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Photoshoot! Thank you everybody today! Makeup: @hilaryheihei Hair: Calvin Yuk @calvin830 Photographer: @kenlcp @portiany

hilaryhomakeup #Billy&BettyTailorMade

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