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Philip Ng

Happy Halloween! #alivenotdead #ZFC

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Thank you I.T for this spiffy attire from your stylish #IZZUECOLLECTION 👍😊 #izzue #it

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"Zombie Fight Club" (屍城) Hong Kong Gala Premiere! 👍😄 #alivenotdead

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Zombie Fight Club 屍城 Action Trailer. In theaters tomorrow (October 23rd)!!! Please support!!! -

天師鬥殭屍 Sifu Vs Vampire behind-the-scenes (action design and choreography)

天師鬥殭屍 Sifu Vs Vampire behind-the-scenes (cast & characters)

Thank you I.T for making me look much more than presentable with this attire from your excellent #IZZUECOLLECTION 👍😊 #it #IZZUE

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Thank you #DBC數碼電台 and the lovely hosts of 大家「真」風騷 for the fun interview today 👍😄

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Philip Ng

Action Director, Actor, Sports Athlete

English Name Philip Ng
School Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association, UIUC..
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
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