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Philip Ng * official artist

Very happy to have a chance to hangout with my visiting Ving Tsun kung fu brother, David Peterson and his students! 非常開心有機會同我既外國 詠春師兄David Peterson見面!

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Ain't no thing but a chicken wing! :D

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一班非常好的老朋友! When friendship morphs into family! #decadeoffrienship :D

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My interview with Pastor Lam for Metro Daily (都市日報) :D (y)

Guest judge today for the COOL GUY (第六界coolguy明星封面) competition :D

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Dogs! :D #Charliface #Emme

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The @andyonimal is very excited about pool!

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Philip Ng * official artist

Action Director, Actor, Sports Athlete

Location Hong Kong
Job Artiste / Martial Arts Choreographer
Hometown Chicago
School Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association, UIUC..