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Philip Ng

A fully functioning knee is important when making kung fu movies... 膝頭哥健康對拍功夫片非常緊要... 😤🐶

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Thank you to every Super Girl and Super Guy that joined our Film Action Class today! 多謝各位靚仔靚女今日參加我地既電影動作訓練班! #TrickStation @supergirlshk ✊✊✊

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Very blessed to have an opportunity to record a few lines for the Cantonese version of the Bible App! 非常開心有機會可以幫廣東話版嘅Bible App錄對白! 👍😃☝

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"Wild City" promotional press conference. (迷城)記者招待會 [呵呵][good]


"Wild City" promotional press conference. (迷城)記者招待會 😊

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傳說中的螳螂拳! Legendary Praying Mantis Fist! [嘻嘻][嘻嘻] @小弟王晶


傳說中的螳螂拳! Legendary Praying Mantis Fist! 😁😁

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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild annual dinner! 香港電影導演會25周年銀晚宴暨年度頒獎典禮 😊😊😊😊😊

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Philip Ng

Action Director , Actor , Sports

Simplified Chinese Name 伍允龙
Job Artiste / Martial Arts Choreographer
Fans 2,136
Location Hong Kong

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