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Philip Ng * official artist

Can't wait to watch my bro, Cung Le, throw down in the octagon against Bisping this August 23rd in Macao! This fight card is epic! 加油兄弟! #UFCatVenetian #UFCAsia #UFC

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"Guardians of the Galaxy" (銀河守護隊) Hong Kong Gala Premiere :D

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Thank you Pastor Lam for the radio interview today! 今日好開心有機會上林牧師的電台節目! :D

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The countdown has started! Don't miss some of Asia's biggest MMA stars take on the rest of the world! UFC Fight Night Macao, August 23! 唔好錯過! #UFCatVenetian #UFC #UFCAsia

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Ving Tsun. 詠春。

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很久沒見了! Look who's back! :D

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Have you gotten your tickets to the biggest show in town this summer? UFC Fight Night Macao, August 23! 買左門票未呀? #UFC #UFCatVenetian #UFCAsia

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Animal party at the uncle @andyonimal house :D

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Thank you to #Billy&BettyTailorMade for the spiffy attire! :D


Thank you to #Billy&BettyTailorMade for the spiffy attire! :D

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Have gun, will travel. Another hot and humid night on the set in Hong Kong...


Have gun, will travel. Another hot and humid night on the set in Hong Kong...

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Philip Ng * official artist

Action Director, Actor, Sports Athlete

Favorite Movies In no particular order - Marriage With a Fool, Undercover Hidden Dragon, Star Runner, House of Fury, Dragon Squad, Invisible Target, Anchorman, Elf, Old School, Talladaga Nights, Blades of Glory, Grandma's Boy, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scarface, Fist Of Legend, Drunken Master, Dragons Forever, Iron Monkey, Black Mask 2, Passion of the Christ, Sin City, Harold and Kumar Goes To White Castle, Star Wars, Rocky (all of them), the Indiana Jones movies (even the middle one), Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Ong Bak, Transformers, Orgazmo, and pretty much anything with Andy On.
Simplified Chinese Name 伍允龙
English Name Philip Ng
School Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association, UIUC..

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