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2010 I like that number!

Wow looking back ten years, since the millennium how things have changed, how much I've done, accomplished, the people we've lost, the ones we gained, changes how they happen everyday and without thinking about it here we are ten years later . . .

So, this is where we are the start of 2010, looking back and then now looking forward, what are your new years resolutions? mine are: ...Read more

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A . . . Finally Married Woman

It has taken a real long time it seems but yes . . . finally am married! which is probably why I haven't been able to update my blog or work for the last couple of months . . . We got married on October 25th, 2009 in the most North part of Phuket at a private villa with only 60 of our closest friends and family . . .

After a ten year relationship and possibly the worlds longest engagement  of seven years, it was a initmate Jewish Wedding and Ceremony with those that were our nearest and dearest there to celebrate wit...Read more

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As Time Goes By . . .

Yes oh yes, I do know I have been outta the loop for a while, but I have a good excuse . . .

I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! Two weeks from now, at sunset on a lovely Sunday, at the shore in Phuket, vows will be exchanged. . .So, I have rather been busy in arranging and organizing and putting together, my dream wedding. In saying that, we also have another Wedding Party back in HK "Hong Kong ...Read more

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A long time I know . . .

taken by Berton Chang Its been a while I know . . .

However apart from a couple of stays in the hospital getting my health in order I've been planning on big changes . . .

As you know from my last couple of blogs some changes are being made, the first big one is my career change, the second one is I'm...Read more

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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
  Take the quiz too! or

  Visit the adidas Originals Profile

<...Read more
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2009 So Far ;)

Here I am yes, I know! I have completely disappeared off the map and well have been working on a couple of things. MOSTLY . . . Charity work and helping where I can raise funds. I think I've come to a place in my life where I look back and think, for the last 15 years of being in the spotlight and working with fabulous talents as well as the honor of meeting some of the entertainment industry's most important figures around. . .  I am blessed and possibly learned all I've needed too, its strange but really feel that now is time for...Read more

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MissyK* on a Come Back?

Well yes and no. . .

My back in actual fact is going to be in a brace for the next couple of months .  .  . yup! OUCH! to say the least. . .

I know I haven't blogged much lately, but so much has been going on from teaching manners and then being the Director of Public Relations for brands such as Fi Hi has me busy on a world wide spinn!

I'll be posting more thorough updates real soon, Fi Hi is on a world tour, I've got us sponsoring XGames and even the Grammys .  .  . yeah and BET as well! We'v...Read more

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My Gorgeous Sister!!

Here she is finally, after hiding for many months away from her true talents. . . my little sister is not so little anymore. Just turned 22 and making me feel real real OLD!!! . . .

a recent photo of me and my sister (although Waza has a better one)BUT . . . she is a gem and a gorgeous one at that!!!

An amazingly talented actress, not coz she is m...Read more

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An August to Remember!!

So, a journey across the soul and clearing of the mind and spaces to begin a walk into the inner most unknown. . .I think every moment in my life had brought me to An August to Remember. It was a path clearly mapped out for me. If I had only known this earlier in my life maybe I would be more accepting and possibly less neurotic .  .  . If only, that was the way life worked out. I guess we learn from ou...Read more

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Whats Going On? . . .

As you know by now, I've been on a journey the last couple of months of self discovery and personal contentment. It caused me to walk through some real dark and lonely times where no one would have the time of day to help (maybe because it was hard to believe that for years I've hidden my depression) either way the journey was hard and I thought I'd never get out of it.The dark dark place is now gone and I'm still learning a lot about what makes me happy and what makes me tic. I've been working in PR and the Entertai...Read more

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Am reading 'The Answer' pick it up, its a great book!

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