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busy busy busy

crazy crazy crazy

this sums up my missing days from here.

I can only say,this time I've really met my challenge,

and believe it or not,

i m not doing this for me,myself........

otherwsie I would have quitted already.

seeing things unfold in ways u never thought of is exhausting,what this lead to,

and why?  i can only humbly wait.....day by day, moment by moment...

The price for this task........................



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Between 3am-442am

Sometimes Tasks given to you made U wake up in the middle of the night,

weight on both shoulders, as if U hadnt at all slept but U did. I did for 4.5 hrs, which is not bad.

It's a like a translucent Plastic see thru of something that wrapped around the mind,

especailly the Chest area....little bit suffocated........like a brick wall that bounces  back

whatever U throw at it....proposed solutions by yourself to yourself........to the task.

That is what just happend.

but.........it was all q...Read more

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really over 10000 visits already, in little over 3 mths.

why would people write a blog at first?

why would i started here??

and why do people read others' blog at first?

Sharing is such an amazing experience...

and writing is one of my most soothing experience.

in one's own time, own choice, at least we still have some sort control .

Sometimes I do have so muh in mind but no time,

sometimes I dont have nothing in mind got tons of time...........wrong grammar....

Obligated.....Read more

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Power of P

trust the power of stop,

trust the power of pause,

trust the power of do nothing.

these are 3 strong sentences that came to my mind while I was downstair in my basement

waiting for the last moments of my spinning clothes ,the whole washing machine was trembling

like an earthquake...'gung gung gung gung.....'making such movie sound effects of coz,

it becomes so movie liked cos the whole thing shakens....what a heavy load of clothes.

Single men single load...u can imagine how many days ...Read more

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Manytimes we let it slipped.....


We let what could have developed into a strong friendship slipped away......

we sometimes let what's shoould be the closest slipped away.

my little cousin from HK was sent to her IBM head Office mtg at Washington for 1 wk

took time off to stay in toronto for another week.....

she had a few good friends here from her University days,

but only one good cousin here.....me.

Actually she had a few, my sister, my anohter cousin........

but we were...Read more

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'If it Prolongs, do C doctor..'

Whether it's from extreme tireness, which is from preparing launch from my TV station,

or it's my own messiness, that I got my eyes infected......

I now have to be so concious on where my fingers has landed ,

and I have to intentional to fight off my fingers reaching for my eyes while they are itchy.

Slightly Pinkish in both tips of my left/right eye........

Once it's exposed...infected.....looks like everything, everywhere got enough gems to attack

the presen...Read more

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i HAD to



                                 KNELT DOWN this morning.......................................n pray

                                with no words in my head.

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silent mode's ON, desire's OFF

My cell, my only 24 commnication device was off during a movie with my son,

we were watching, INTERNATIONAL-Clive Owen, Niomi Watts, it sucked BIG time.

anywayz, back to my cell......I forgot to turn it back on after i gone home around 8pm,

it was prime time for many, espciallly ones with a partner....

first dinner, then romance...........all night long.

turing on my laptop, of cos, that's 1st thing after i gone home, TV 2nd..........

i knwo i know,,,,but what do expec...Read more

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U can wake up in worst set of numbers for traditional chinese 444am,

finding your lower half of the PJ, the pant, without feeling guilty,

without chaging your walking pattern....if u have somebody, u walk like a theif in the night.

U can walk out the living room, turing on lights, swtiching on laptop,

sit down for awhile, choosing some after midnight leftover channels which have not

much to chooose from except many infommercials.(Maybe people are weak at around these

times, they probably buy stuff, Have u? ...Read more

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O'fa and O'fa

over n over, time to play aorund with words,

o fa n o fa, it's the most sensational feeling at least to me....

lalalalallalaal..........I was singing along Highway 7, cruising back to my home,

finally, I could hv sometime of my own,

This couple wks had been Hectic....energy drianing.....yet challenging....

same road, same traffic lights....no time to watch, not time to frost.....

I finally got home, hit the knob,

When Jets of  overheated water impact my skin, first my head, the...Read more

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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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