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maybe u should stay single

this is what I told my male friend in msn.

1.5 yrs ago, he went to NYC met a woman,

madly in love , a good thing........only 1 twist,

that woman is married with a daughter....

sometimes i m amazed by human mind, how it can rationlise things.....logics....

of coz....that woman's man is an abusive man.

Anywayz...gone thru threats and escape and flying back and forth NYC to toronto,

they finally got married 1 yr....lviing a dream life they thought would freeeze at the perfect...Read more

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a walk with

my little brother producer for change on this sunday evening.

A 'do nothing' side walk patio sunday.

talked about things, making films, true love, not really true love........

seeing babies ,obviously we both single at the moment....

he for short while , me a much longer while....at the smae time....much older me.

When life is not boils down to deadlines.....

people do talk about things....not for a particular reason or purpose....

that in fact is living.

U set your own pace....Read more

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i explode

rarely rarely in the name of work....will I explode......but i did today.

My functionality drops down to 0 due to an incident.

My stomach was so empty , i was hungry, i do know I have to eat....

Mc Donalds.....those kinds ....i was that hungry.....i drove past the place....

I can t....i just keep on driving.........along with my hunger.

Something inside had overided my hunger.

NOt anger tho.....Life in general.....situations.

I finally drove my car bk home.

Instead of comfort food........Read more

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i can find time to write now,

after that BIG night May 9th WOW launch.

It's good to be here....sat...quiet.

It's harder than one would think to write after a long stop....

even something u love so much...

so it's not hard to understand, why so many friendship...once u let it pause...

it then become long pause....then you dont even knwo where oyur friend, once a dear friend is.?

Lucky we have FB.

is it worth is? that 100% dedciation to just that one thing.

I think so....Read more

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they are not bowling strikes nor

they are XXX rated movies.

this is my current status. XXXtremely tired and exhausted.

Sleep deprived from preparing the official launch plus daily programming,

never thought it could change my style so much.

wake up at 4am...my work and thought process, minute by minute,

I think my briancells are dying as well.....so called priorites.

they are all priorities regarding work but i manage to squeeze out 1 good tihng from all these,

I acquitted 'Procasinati...Read more

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slow Motined

hey....how r all of u............

everything day is jam packed with works mtg gearing up to the official opening of the

new TV station...........cant say this is not what i love to do....

but certainly this is not what I expected........the time consumed....

behavioural changes....my time with my lovely face........natnat......

whenever i m with her....my eyes just cant take off her...

cos she's a genuine soul.....simple....beautiful.....n fun......she's my little daughter....

where...Read more

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The following youtube is in cantonese singing.

i know........u wont understand.....many wont.

but this one here is 14 mths of hard hard hard work.

miracles after miracles,

it's finally done.

Well . I m, we are meeting the 'PRESS' tomorrow 1130am, toronto time.

i know it will be good.

Cos it is absolutely , totally someone much smarter,wiser...

orchestrating this.........

me just enjoying the quiet unfolding of things.

Good or Bad. It's only Good.

May t...Read more

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you may not agree

1st thing that i do waking up from a quite satisfying sleep,

after 2 beers, some real sze chuan cuisone at my prodcuer named yushi's restaurant,

had some heart to heart talk on work,girls,parents, boss n future...

hoping to release some of his and his pal's pressures mounting from this TV thing.

After that 8hrs sleep.....

i kneel down besides my bed,not completely awake....

but felt the need to....for a min or two....i pray...

it is Easter...that to me...where my hope lies.

...Read more
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took a walk

Hadnt done that for so so so so sooooooooooooo long.

I managed to do a lot of the what u called 'naturally normal things',

yet became so rare,

How long hant u look up the sky,

see the stars.....count the stars....I did.

My heart was telling me rsuh to work, start the car.....i mananged to stay/

a walk....around the house.

it was like 8C .....purposelesss i walked around the block.

Hadnt done that aslo for a long long time.

It was quite satisfying, the speed is real sl...Read more

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he's leaving, will miss him

it's not death or anything,\

it's not poetry or anything, it's not symbolic or anything.....

he....is my best friend in toronto.

Male, Married, Profession, Lawn mower during summer, Snow removal dirung winters...

leaving for HK for 3 wks to join his wife and daughter in HK for 3 wks of well deserved break

before Summer starts...non stop lawn mowing.

He's the most simplest guy, most responsible, yet most ignorant at times, yet brutally honest.

sensitive, lo...Read more

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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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