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stressed out, tooo much work

how many of you is in such a state,

or none of U are......that would be super.

If U were,

U r not alone.

i m too.

Alone....is one of the worst kind of fear and feeling in the whole wide world internal and external.

Eventho we may not have the same kind of stress...

but knowing someone like you  like me is stressed out to that point....

then....we may find some comfort there.

That was suppossed my yesterday's blog but no time....


today...Read more

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this is am, morning.

yes for quite sometime, all these early waking up are dedicated to prepare my morning TV work.


after my preparation, i was wide awake....refreshingly awake,

I didnt even have my morning shower yet.  UTP, undefined temporary phenonmenon.

Was thinking of stop scrolling to here,

cos i know i will write,one of my Fav thing to do, if i write, it will use up some energy,

cutting my reserve to meet today's requirement. But I did.

and i was wrong....when u ...Read more

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grow old like her

my mom is here from HK, for 3 weeks...

Many had asked....why didnt i ask her to stay i toronto for good after my dear Brother David's

death last yr......

reason is simple....i know her and i respect her.

she learned to email with me at the age of 70...she's now 75

only reason she learned that is to communicate with me better...cos when i talk on the phone

or in person....i can express myself 100%......in words.....i can...or at least closer.

she wants to understand me more....t...Read more

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why do U complain?type1 type2

why do I complain?

is it bcos not fair,

not good enough,

why the ending not as expected?as planned?

why do i have to share an aprtment?

why the break hasnt come yet?

the water is not hot enough?

why is he selfish?

WHY , the process of asking why why why all the time seems to be the cause of this


Always admired simple people,

there r 2 types, one who is simple in nature, type2 learned simple

Both are super ko...Read more

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when one is busy

You miss out many things,

your talk with daughter on the way to school,

some bro somewhere had a girl pregnant, he's scared, she's scared,not there to talk,

son is asking advice on how he should dress to a party, where to buy suspender......not there.

many interesting TV shows that used to be favourites,

Movies, yes...many movies.....

no time to email dear friends,

mom is here, but only available after 7pm, being disappeared from 4am

when one is busy........u were in off...Read more

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slept at 915pm

wakeup at 825.

That's a record by itself at least for me during such a busy exhausting time.

Hadnt been sleeping well and long for last 3 mths

My eyes are not tired, my eyelids arent falling....such a good feeling, such a feeling.

which is contrary to  my everyday's physical reaction due to my fatigue.

my mom came, sleeping soundly(really with big sound-snoring)

when people gets old, the sounds increases, no matter u r a princess or Miss HK.

My mom was PPPPPretty, she stilll is ve...Read more

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my email to HER

Hi xxx


Up 427am ,

already started preparing work for coming morning programs,

it may look easy at TV...but it actually is a very tough work.

The most tough,

it's I cant see u or pick u up in the morning,

i miss you very much,

even are just those breif moments I treasure them,

pls dont forget abab,

I often pray God will send enough smart people

so they can pick up my work....

thanks for undertstand my situations,

pls pray for my Health...Read more

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Does that mean then.......

if one have 'Faith', one would be happy?

alll the time?? or part time....

when would U be happy when U have the faith?

when would U not be even when when u have the faith?

is that not logical?

does faith give u wings to fly above reality,situations and circumstances

if so, Faith surpasses logics.......true?

why then those who has faith not happy.......

still collecting

what is faith


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I'd like to collect........

What's your idea or definition of 'FAITH'??

We often heard people telling us, Have faith....

What's that exactly??? in your view?

Why is it so important to have the 'F' word.......

soemthing we dont quite grasp yet everyone is throwing that at you.........

Faith is........


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total exhaustion comes total sweetness.

Total exhaustion is from work ( opening of a whole new TV station)

I was carrying my almost dead body to visit my daughter of whom i had missed picking her up

to school every morning for almost 2 weeks now(one of my few favourite things n life).

We were down at her little private lounge room,

Disney Movie Channel was on, a movie called' Freak the Almighty'

On her cozy couch ,she was wrappped with a blanket , Pepsee was at the rightest corner

of the c...Read more

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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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