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Power of P

trust the power of stop,

trust the power of pause,

trust the power of do nothing.

these are 3 strong sentences that came to my mind while I was downstair in my basement

waiting for the last moments of my spinning clothes ,the whole washing machine was trembling

like an earthquake...'gung gung gung gung.....'making such movie sound effects of coz,

it becomes so movie liked cos the whole thing shakens....what a heavy load of clothes.

Single men single load...u can imagine how many days worth of dirty clothes.

it was always when my underwear was counting(sorry to be explicit) 1 or 2 left,

then I went for a wash.

i laid my both hands on the trembling wahsing machine.

Close my eyes......'Trsut the power of stillness'

despite all the things around me are spinning,

how many projects are waitng for me to finish...

how little left for completion....to coordinate...

can i really stop.

'Yes U may' almost instaneouly replying to myself.....

in fact'Trust the quietness'........often times, it's way to my final goal....

'U mean letting my busy matters set aside first?''

Can I trust that? Letting means closer to what I want to achieve..........hmmmm

let me try.....first to relaxly write here...not intented to...but i did..

i go read my bible now then pray....

will let u know.....stop is good??????????????


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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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