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one more Bathing APE???(Warning-long)

I could use 1 more Bathing Ape products...Tees/luaggage/shoes/hats...........

they R real nice...n btw, it is my showbiz best friend Chin Kalok's favorite brand...

he has everything in BA....yes...everything?I wondered do they have underwears???

I could have 1 more of Omega Chorno.......

1 more Firefly Hoodies....

BM135...yes that too or smart car or a Mini....I'd alwasy thought of driving in them....

those r my dreams cars....so U see...I have little dreams!!!

...Read more
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MOst Important

Lately some bro and sis in workplace of mine were scared to death,

Working their butts off to meet deadlines...

that's not the most scariest...to meet everchanging mind boss want is.

To them...work work work si the most imporatnt.

Too many Bosses in this world after giving a monthly cheque to the employeees.......

they become just some content providers...whether u r sick, pregnant, your bday....

that dont matter mo more.....

Smart business people, they always think they could run any...Read more

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Fart Theory

When people come up to me and say...

wow! U r creative...!

I would tell him...U have the samme  maybe at times even more....

U just dont know.

'Damn! U r joking...' from most reponses.

'Do U fart???' I asked to those who looked doubtful,

If U fart..U have what it takes to be creative...how so?

Well...Scenario 1

Oneday a guy went into a packed elevator feeling the never b4 want to fart cant hold no more gas build up....he would????

Whole damn elevator filled wi...Read more

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Congratulations!!! to my EX.

Someone's wife with a sweet life ahead together I prayed.

I suddenly recalled something I wanted to put down on yestersday's blog.

As much as anyone u said once loved like I did with ,hmm, called her 'Mrs Smith'.

One funny thing was while I was sitting in that Korean restaurant flashing back some

historic moments with me n her,

I had completely forgotten her cell no. !!!!

I tried...and tried...very hard.......the most I can come up with is 4 digits.....Read more

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what if your 'EX' get marry today???

This is exactly what happened today.

I'd always wondered how anyone would feel should supposedly someone U so loved b4 getting

marry and the person is not you.

From Movies, from TV series, People got hysterical, doing funny things....

Drunk, sing K, on that same night, good friends close were called to be around for consolation.

                                                           None of those!!!

I was in a Korean Restaurant waiting for a punch of young pr...Read more

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After 4 volda tonics

I m very happy now.........

after 4 vodka tonics.....not bcos I m drunk maybe I m,

but I m happy that all my busy friends do let go some of their heavy workload,

all come to meet and celebrate someone's bday and go sing K all together.

What a rare night.

I hope hey all know it's that simple....

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Yes No (part2)-and those in between

So fast So soon....I know....

First it's a satruday. 2nd I couldnt fall back to sleep on a saturday after my writing....

then I decide to wakeup, taking a hot shower soon after this part 2.

A lot of times, we do say YES...............but guess what we add a word that follow right after,

There are homeless outthere,we could help them, we could run to inspire them,we could feed them...it had workded for me....it will for them.........I would imagine that CNN hero Philidelphia lady must hav...Read more

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YEs No and anything in between..(warning superlong)

Have U ever enocountered anyone whose reaction can only be Either

YES or NO.

Another way to put this in terms of a Scaling system in response to

 any matters,situations,relationships, working conflicts...

Either 0 or 10 in the sacle of 10.

They will be described as 'Exterme characters',  'Non Flexible',

'Ruin everyone's fun'.

Sometimes those above categorised people do get on people's nerve Big time!

But the fact...Read more

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what's the saddest???


Lately, this phrase ,these words, this idea has abstractly on and off my mind.

Make a difference.....how may I make a difference to...........what,who???

how could I may i differnce?

how may i make a difference??

I sincerely praying for the answer.........and I do believe it will become so clear oneday that I wont miss it....now it's a like a half-a-hole in my heart. cos I only know I have the abiltity to make a differnce.....without the object.......the last missing 'word' of  t...Read more

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2 minutes

What if I only got 2 minutes and still want to write something........

Wait....Rush....or embrace this 2 minutes trusting it will bring across what's within...

A lot of times I see people usually those who worked under a One way Boss,

Self consumed Boss........Has to be done Boss..........

When people are in fear...they avoid committing mistakes....therefore....not their best.

If U r doing it our of love, passion.....U create...and having fun most improatntly Hrealthy...

Somehow somewhat....people...Read more

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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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