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1/2 loaf of wheat bread

A quiet young gentleman came to interview for a editor job.

After reviewing his resume as compared to his actual work.......quite a hugh difference.

That may be a turn off for many people.....cos...it's almost like lying right.......

I sit down with him and talked some more.....

telling 'ah FUNG'...'U work is really not that great...' as simple and direct n honest as possible,

but not to be impolite cos U know somehow those with given power can somehow

intentionally o...Read more

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am I 'Happier' OR am I 'Stronger'?

A direct quote from a friend,



喊到半夜呀媽走個離大聲yell at me'

am I happier or am i stronger??????????????????????????????????

People dont cry anymore these days...or hardly?

A or B  2 choices yet tough choices right,

Have a good day, visitor,friend....


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what is a gift?

Haa...I know...another one...same day....3 hrs apart...or 4??

Is Blog suppoosed to be daily n 1 per day/night????

to me...maybe not...at least not today.

I woke up 3 times  530am....813am(that's when i posted my previous blog)....now 1122am,

From mon-fri, I worked early...so waking up early it's a habit,

and thi is Y i force myself back to sleep no matter what cos I knew I have to store up for next wk.

Anywayz....I m wide awake now....my eye lids dont have a tendendy to fall down...

...Read more
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my mom replied.......

As promised as is,

my mom reply as follow;

'Lately I've been involved in church work quite a lot:

about 3 0r 4 days in a week helping in whatever I can.

Thank GOD, He is making use of me in whatever  work I can.

GOD has also changed you a lot, I always believe if you have

faith in HIM nothing is impossible. May GOD be with U always.

Lots of love, mom'



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an actual email

Liked I said b4,

to be able to write ,and express and share freely is truly a gift.

So I'm gonna take this blessing to full extent,

that is to share with you an actual email that I worte to my mom few days back,

it writes;

'Hi Mom,


God gives me a mouth,

some fingers

and clear mind,

so while we still have them so normal and good...

I want to tell U before I go to work...

I Love U....cos I would love my kids to say the smae thing oneday out...Read more

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we buy

Stuff that sit around....

After I came home, I realised that GYM Bouncing Ball was untouched

staying in that same corner spot

since I moved in my place.....9mths.

It's like a piece of furniture more than anything, part of the wall.

2 new pair of Chucks(Converse limited edition) still in my closet,

few new books. 'Alchemist'..etc

the list just go on....

some new Tees bot from Montreal last month......

some old ones still sit in the boXes since I moved in...................Read more

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Awake from the cold,

my top blanket had been yanked down the floor maybe....

Wanted to check emails,

prepared to go to work.........

ending up here....writing....

Love morning if u have enough sleep...

I realised my Blog is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long.

I looked at my yesterday's.

where Ever U r.....who it maybe....be hopeful.

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right away

Surpressing my super hunger from a hard day's of work,

Without signing in my msn,

without turuning on my TV watching CNN( I know...very boring to some but my favourite),

After my haircut, just the cut....I hate the pre and post procedure (menaing the long wait)

I asked my friend stylist...just the cut plz...it;s late,...I can always wash my hair when I go home.

He let me,..that's a true friend. (Just a few other patrons wondering..how could this jerk skip all the steps)....I even skip the dye part......Read more

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first time here

I m here bcos one of my best bro had been telling so...Phil Ng

so I did....it's a rainy day in TO(toronto), quite rarely around this time....

my knowledge in Technology almost equal ziche!!!0...

that's Y setting up something like this....well even signing in....is a challenge.

I got the minimum set up. A start...i m proud of myself..

Yea...I m that easily satified. Otherwise....in quiet place like Toronto...

U will feel massive emptiness if I start comparing life in HK as an actor....Read more

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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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