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without her knowing






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starbucks movie-1

I was watching some of my old youtubes,

sometimes back,

i bought my old slim casio dumbmie 500 pixels cam,

while zipping my starbuck non fat latte at what used to be my favourite Starbucks Coffee,

i shot this.

Warning: it could be quite boring and there's no money back guranteed



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You or OBAMA????

who is the greater one???

Haa...am i stupid?!!! Of coz the newly inaugurated 44th president of USA, Barack Obama.

What defines greatness?

I m a strong believer that everyone is placed at certain place for a one of kind reason.

Sure,there are jobs that comes with tremendous social responisbilties,

And if one can accomplish one';s given responsibilty, he then did a great job.

So, Yes jobwise, socialwise, it may be the case.

On the otherhand,  i also strong believer that

Everyo...Read more

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i m well....

When one u cared suddenly had disappeared for sometime,

it's always good to know what happened, where about, happy or not those things about that

someone....so, let me report myself...i m safe and well....

Toooooooo many things had happend.....

Things i'd like to write them down so u may share....

as little as what's feel like -25C? with the wind they called it 'Windchill' effect here...

it feels like -35C....does it? I actually dont know.....

but that morning, i stppend...Read more

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'Sleep Like a  baby.....'

remembered ue used to sleep that that's Y we say this....

i'm at least there was such a point of time we could.

Now it's pillow,

it's that noise ....etc keep waking us up in the middle of the night...sometimes just once

if we r lucky...often times, 2-5........

and it keeps us from falling asleep.....

New place, new bed, new bedsheet,new partner, old partners,

jobless, too many jobs,no competitons and too much competitions....Read more

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Cheat Proof

IT seems to be the norm that one would cheat.

soemtimes cheat within your mind(affection within to someone other than your lovely half)

sometimes secretly cheated physically(sometimes protective sometimes non) where after

tons of excuses to avoid your half finding out.

People today seems to lose the ability to be loyal to only ONE.

Is it Possible at all????? Do we actually has that abiltity, function within that can enable us to??


Just look at your 'TOWEL','UNDERWEAR',&#...Read more

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A B or C(may be offending)



b)Brush Teeth

c)Hot shower

U know how today everyone is crazily Busy and sleep deprived!!!

Your alarm didnt work ,Overslept n U r late for an important appointment,

Can only squeeze time for just 1 thing (U r real late)

A, B or C.



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she could die..what a wierd thought

I woke up this morning,

it was quiet.....i was half an hour earlier than my set alram would had awaken me.

I drank a glass of water.....enjoying the wholesome waking up process,

during such a time,

I let myself submerge in a praying mode.....just felt like it would be great   to have

this as the 1st thing /1st activity...well next to drinking my H20.

I let my mind flow n wandered....to anything, anyone,anywhere....(  mornings should be like this,this is our basic right...isnt...Read more

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Escape,Hyundai,a lot of EDGEs( from Ford),Camry,Buick,Fit,Greyhound Bus........many more

Pass right by my car of which I'd set my cruise control to 107 on a 100km hi way)during my 4 hrs drive back and forth Toronto-London(not UK) .

107km/hr not too fast but not slow....way within not being ticketed -that 10% golden rule.

I used to be one of the above car....never set on my cruise control...

sometimes fast soemtimes slow....mostly fast....

onetime, my mind was thinking of something else....i was stoped by...Read more

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Yourself....Have U rate yourself like a Movie?

HOw many stars out of 5??

Your direct response......that is almost like an overall direct feeling of an overall U.

One night , after watching Gran Torino(Final Movie for Legendary Clint Eastwood- a must see-5stars* * * * *

if me,i , present tense me  is to be rated??How many star would I give my self.....

3.5 few nights back. (That is like within 5 secs)

No logic just a straight forward self reply.




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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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