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U can wake up in worst set of numbers for traditional chinese 444am,

finding your lower half of the PJ, the pant, without feeling guilty,

without chaging your walking pattern....if u have somebody, u walk like a theif in the night.

U can walk out the living room, turing on lights, swtiching on laptop,

sit down for awhile, choosing some after midnight leftover channels which have not

much to chooose from except many infommercials.(Maybe people are weak at around these

times, they probably buy stuff, Have u? if so, are they still in use?).

Sit down on an armchair to purposeless watch some re run stand up comedys,

u can let yourself numbed with the visuals.

CNN too.........U can watch those political intensed shows just like other shows.

And U can decide when your eyes will be tired again and go back to your own bed

sleeping all over again.....start a new cycle of sleep...........

or U may call long distance to your friends, mom at this time to talk to them,

surprise them , well maybe cos it all changes when U leave the laptops,

cos even my mind is active....i'd like to let my voice rest.......

night is very still around this time.

U and your own very space occupies all.

Lots of time people requested ' space',

Men mostly, many breakups resulted in major claimed reason 'Lack of space'

'Intrusion of one's space'

not now...cos Now U own all the space u want....100%

all the tiems in my house displayed in whereever they are, or where they rested, or left at.

Not order, no planning at all, still in harmony to the owner,

Thta's SINGLE, but happy and content on my Valentine's day at

the wosrt set of numbers combination 444am.

Happy Valentine's day to you.

That's wiht or without a lover.


p.s. what will I do next? right after I left my last  typed word. Whatever.......

happiness of a single on Valentine's day. Plus I can always take  care of my new born

http://www.ccmedia1.com/test/tvRadio/trad/tvSelectCan.html  (for non chinese viewers,click left)

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
4:30 am is when nature pauses and exhales one last time before the intense wakening that takes place beginning 30 minutes before sunrise. Even the animals are at rest--the night animals are heading back to their den to rest during the day, the day animals are still asleep. No humans are out and about because shift change is still hours away and most are asleep in their beds. This is the time that followers of a spiritual path meditate, in the gentle hinge between the activity of night and the burst of the day's overwhelming activities. It is an empty space ripe for being filled with positive spiritual energy. It can be a privilege to be awake at that hour. Few experience the power of that time. Next time, don't turn on the TV, wait with awareness, and see what happens.
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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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