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what if your 'EX' get marry today???

This is exactly what happened today.

I'd always wondered how anyone would feel should supposedly someone U so loved b4 getting

marry and the person is not you.

From Movies, from TV series, People got hysterical, doing funny things....

Drunk, sing K, on that same night, good friends close were called to be around for consolation.

                                                           None of those!!!

I was in a Korean Restaurant waiting for a punch of young producers to celebrate one of the

birthday, it was during that 35 min, I suddenly recalled seeing this news facebook few weeks

back. My mind try to go back.........rolling back images.

This is one girl of I whom I loved enough to want her to be my wife,,,,spend my life with.

My mom loved her and still do........

She's very simplistic, optermistic, the time we spent together,

she had tunred my stubborned mind into an open-minded.

She had inspired me and she's the first girl I enjoyed just talking with her

even in HK TST those bars facing the streets where many passing by in front,

Even when hot girls with Low V Cut, hot pants went by the door where we sit and talked,

I lost that basic instinct of guys, that animal sexual quest for new tempting object....

We were just talking and talking and talking...

I dont want to even lose sight with her when she talked..........

For the 1st tme I experienced that 'that ONE is enough for me'

I was so satifyling...so happy from the inside cos it's not forced and pretentious,

Finally I know it's possible for a guy to be loyal to just one.

I thought of her.........within that 35 minutes.

The ONly thing that came out was..........

I honestly wanted her and her husband to be happy......happy and everafter

and their 2 dogs.

Then my prodcuers came....went back to bday celebration,...

and went on to sing K......with 4 Volka tonic drinks.

Thought I'd like share this with U....

cos it's diffferent from the movies......

Treasure your beloved half



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