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MOst Important

Lately some bro and sis in workplace of mine were scared to death,

Working their butts off to meet deadlines...

that's not the most scariest...to meet everchanging mind boss want is.

To them...work work work si the most imporatnt.

Too many Bosses in this world after giving a monthly cheque to the employeees.......

they become just some content providers...whether u r sick, pregnant, your bday....

that dont matter mo more.....

Smart business people, they always think they could run any business with their model,

in fact, they run people down, their spirit at times dignity.........and people are scared.

When people are scared,

they will do the minimum, afraid of commiting fault,

if for love...people do more.

What's Most improatnt...well when U cant do nothing...

I REST , SLEEP..............

my bro n sis dont even dare to meet their basic human needs out of fear.......

fear of what???

'In Love, there's no fear' cos fear contains judgement'-bible

wish my bro and sis who so scared well......


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