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it's official. grace has gone psycho sitting on her little ledge by the window of her 8th floor apartment.

scene: grace sits there in her kabuki style room. her favorite room. perched on the ledge that presents to her the dreary expanse of taiwan. in the complete darkness of the room, she stares out into even more sad, depressing darkness. seemingly silent yet the earphones gracing her head (ha.ha i thought that was funny. oh where did my humour go? save me from myself) are steathily flooding grace with confusing memories of her years gone by documented into pop hits and sad love ballads..

time: it's dark. figure it out

characters: grace and her schizophrenic self as it seems that no one in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD is listening. okay that's not fair. everyone is submersed in their busy busy lives and have for the moment accidentally forgotten about poor little grace. there that sounds nice.


the time is now

alone in the big city

broken pieces

pensive shoreline

fallen 1OO4

fallen 1OO4

fallen 1OO4

it always stalls at fallen 1OO4. isn't the piano just heartwrenching? it's wonderful. and the lyrics of the bridge..

i mean there was so much left to say

i didn't even get a chance to say .. well.. say..

okay fine maybe in the blur of everything happening i'd most likely be rendered speechless but STILL.

upon retrospect i have SO much to say..

and it's just been bottled up inside

forcing me into these strange tortured artist depressive stints that even my sister has a hard time understanding

chris? anything? silence

i guess at least i could have been offered a chance to just say goodbye.



well that was anticlimatic.


and i've sadly come to realize that i HAVEN'T faced it yet

i haven't accepted it

why is it so hard for me to let go of everyone?

i need to be a better person.

if i could only just be a good person


and let them go

they WANT to go

i am simply an added burden

face it grace face it.

sigh it's 10:04 again isn't it?

yup it never fails.

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