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and she sang ..

here again?

who knew i was walking in circles

well i had suspected

but to be honest

i was rather enjoying your company

regardless of your intentions

i liked the way your eyes danced around


with promises of mischief

though i've come to find that

they were about as noble as

your intentions


i take another sip from my sympathetic coffee mug

as norah beckons me to another place and time

when i had the leisure of being


and had convinced myself to believe that such a notion existed for me


the word lingered there

along my wine-stained lips

dancing and swirling with the melodies

emanating from deep inside

oh how they plagued me

and how they adored you

they're gone now.

yeah it's true

i was haphazardly playing dumb

but could you blame me?

i know it's late now

but i had better get going

i hate walking in the darkness alone

listening to the distant laughter

with glistening eyes of emerald

aching for a song

a few notes to hum

just anything but this damned silence in my heart

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