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farewell by sea

i say a prayer

as you sail away

though i don't believe

it will change our fates

trying to be strong

as the rain comes down

i knew all along

this would end

and i hope you find your way home

that you never feel


and the waves crash down

a mounting crescendo

saying, "it's time now

to let go"

the love we found

fades with the sunlight

i stifle my cries

into the ground

without a sound

you're gone

maybe my love

would have found a way

it was the wind

on your face

washed ashore

all my broken dreams

collecting farewells

by the sea

where do i go?

what could i give

to bring you back to me?

there's no more hope

no reason to live

only just to remember


i said a prayer

and you sailed away

i'll be with you

one day

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
lovely grace!
about 11 years ago
Redgate profile
very heartfelt
almost 11 years ago


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