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like the wind

i feel like i stepped out of the

mad rush

of human progression

a long time ago

and as i watch people pass by

i want to scream to themthere's more to life than this

life couldn't be this beautifulif it were just meant for everyday struggleand what does God think

while he watches over us?

as we make our mistakes

trying to find the right way


not even trying..like the wind (folk-acoustic guitar song)

you don't know where you're going

you're just a slave to work and sin

is this what you call happy

when your life is so short-lived?

you're like the wind

you're like the wind

run along with the wind

blowing strong

where does it end?

and where did we go wrong?

i've loved you for so long

the days melt all together

do you feel

the resignation sinking in?

you fly among the heavens


could you buy your ticket in?

i've loved you since creation

i'm waiting each day

til the end

i've loved you since creation

i'm with you each day

til the end..

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