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over the years i've come to find myself s l o w l y becoming a falun dafa practitioner and it dawned on me that it may be quite significant to chronicle my journey.. not because of the greatness of the practice (by all means it's immensely great, but that's something for everyone to discover on their own), but to reflect on my own actions and thoughts, especially when i face tribulations. it's really a continuation of the reflections from my original blog but now it's in..

invincible star mode! okay jk, it's quite the opposite in realizing everyday how faulted i am, but i do carry hope that i will become stronger and more balanced in life (cue yoga pose)..

let's dive in!1. What is Falun Dafa anyway?2. Why would you want to practice Falun Dafa?3. Why didn't you practice before then?4. So why are you practicing Falun Dafa now?

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