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KZ - 红日 official music video

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuDNrp89bcE

finally its out.thanks to jacky@concept x for directing. thanks to phat for arranging everything for us. thanks to kz for spitting on this beat. thanks to ghoststyle for mixing this track for me. thanks to mr tak, ah ho, future, lil k, phat, dj xlarge and 6wing for representing local hip hop in the video!hope yall enjoy this. thanks!

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cycling+ barbeque

haah look at eva's faceRead more

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peace out 2010!

1st pic in 2011. saying goodbye to 2010. 1st thing of 2010, we went to watch kz and mista khaki perform in tst and counted down the last seconds with them. xlarge took a pic of us outside why club after their show. that pic was rather memorable. it represented what was going on at the time. then the year kicked off with a 2 day LMF concert. phenomenal. crazy performance. they'll always remain leg...Read more

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ok its dec. 25th. thanks for those who called me and smsed me since 12am until now. u know who u are. as i looked at the watch, i stepped on stage with my homie mr TAK at the Fringe Club at 12.07am. we rocked it.after that i just chilled with a close circle of people at the central pier and realized that there is almost no christmas decoration in hk this year as i looked across the harbor.for those so-call homies of my man TAK who claim that you'll support the boy at his 1st show in more than a year but ended up not coming, yall can suck my bal...Read more

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christmas time

In order to fit with our schedule, eva organized an early gift exchange christmas gathering for the 85 crew and a few close friends. basically we just had to bring a gift each and draw lots to see who gets which gift.felt awesome. i enjoyed it! i bought a shitty pair of headphones from a computer store within the budget of $50 to $100. sorry to kodie who had to take that gift.shout outs to my man dj x...Read more

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85Crew is back

http://www.facebook.com/pages/85-Crew-ba-wu-qi-yi/170014583028770?ref=tsJoin the groups! we back![](/attachments/2010/12/15/01/344337_201012150112011.thumb.jpg)New song will be out by early January! Stay tuned!! thanks to everyone f...Read more

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Mountain Brothers

i realized i've been posting these random blogs that don't spark any sort of interest to peeps at all.  no one wanna hear some skinny dude nag about his shitty life and all. i can understand that. i won't  wanna read ur blogs if its not relevant to me in any way. everyone around me seems to be heavy on facebook 24/7. these days. its simple, fast, and no heavy content. anyways im sick of u motherfuckers poking ur iphone screens and facebooking while im fuckin eating dinner with u guys. ok crap. this has got nothin to do with the ...Read more

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its been mad long since i've posted!

so yeah. here i am. promise that i'll blog more often.  a little recap on whats going on these days1. school, full day from mondays to fridays plus some homework at night or in the weekends.2. spending time with my gf or my family, im usually very tired when we do that cos i'll be dehydrated from schooling before i can come out to hang with them.3. been workin on this for a long time, but our schedule always seem to clash. it is Mr TAK's music. i wanna go all out on this. too bad time isnt on my side. hope...Read more

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guangzhou hip hop show

Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjAyNDcyMjEy.html

KZ, Phat and myself made a surprise appearance in this party last month.the audience in china were crazy!!we'll be performing in china next month too!stay tuned for more details!shout outs to the entire guangzhou hip hop scene!thanks for supporting! new music from us coming soon!peace out!

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smart side of the source

been putting together these little pieces of puzzles in my mind.  im starting to discover this philosophy of who i am, what's my purpose of existence and the definition of good and bad.anyways. tip of the day:  nobody owe u shit. learn to feed yourself.and yeah a random snapshot of my retarded face on photobooth..peace out yall!

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