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Kwokkin - 蹤影 ( 日本 311 災難 )

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6OUIX-9BCg

its been so long since my homie kwokkin dropped a solo track.let us all step back, listen to this track and mourn for the victims of the earthquake.peace85!

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85Crew new song! No Turning Back

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ0juWQd1xE finally its here! me and dennis zee switch places this time, i make the beat, dennis raps.hope yall like this. more stuff coming out!mp3 link will be available for download soon!!enjoy!

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no specific subject

lookin at how people die so easily thru the news these few days got us all emotional. rest in peace to all the people who passed away in the recent earthquake and tsunami.knowing how fragile and short life is, i feel so strongly that i shouldnt be in school.im fuckin wasting my time and my parents' money going to classes when there are so many other constructive things that i could do like working and all. it's not like there's mad knowledge to be obtained in school or whatever. i aint learning shit. getting a degree might not...Read more

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music.  where should i start.i think im just like everyone else, we are exposed to music at a very very early age. music is everywhere basically.i think i started realizing that i'm a fan of somebody's music around 98. i hear a couple of songs and i wanna keep listening to them and also wanna find out more about the artistes who made those dope songs that im feeling.my 1st encounter with rap music should be Jay-Z's Hardknock Life. the video was airing on MTV on a late afternoon. i was drawing pictures on my sketchbook when i heard the song....Read more

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85CrewTV Episode 1

hey hey hey! i wrote whatever i wanted to say on the 85up2 alivenotdead page regarding this video. so, please do not hesitate to visit that page! haha!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OeCr6oynJkmore coming up soon!!stay tuned yall!enjoy!

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download link for Dennis Zee's Last Forever Remix

here it is. subscribe to our youtube channel and join our facebook group.we starting the crew again like its day 1hope i could keep it up.peace

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Last Forever Remix by Dennis Zee

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b20ka_oq2LQ for those who got the mixtape back in 2009, yall would remember this one, anyways this is a new remix done by Dennis Zee. gives a different feel to and it does brings back some memories listening to this version.for all of our supporters, i kinda feel that we've let yall down for having a long ass hiatus and disappeared. we're back now and we're making new music!please share this song with ur...Read more

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this was supposed to be the month of celebration!

it was. chinese new year. friend's wedding. valentines day. eva's birthday. the right people broke up with the right people, me vibing out and listening to the new music i've done. basically a lot of happy stuff going on this month. but damn it. i got sick since the 1st day of chinese new year. very sick. my throat is fuckin burning as im writing this. damn.. FML. was supposed to go to Macau today and make some music with my man Dj Spyzi Trix. was supposed to be hanging out with friends and family...Read more

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shanghai invasion

about 2 months ago, jin called me up and asked for a couple of beats. after hanging out a bit and bouncing ideas back and forth for a while, we ended up doing an entire album together. look out for Jin's 2nd solo cantonese album -Wui Herng Jing coming out this year.   

its an honor to be able to produce this album and i feel that we really did a good job. Jin's chinese lyrics definitely got even iller and the content this time a departure from his previous solo LP (ABC). my beats definitely matured since the previous album i...Read more

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2 years already?

time really flew by. we've been together for 2yrs already. (what break up? i forgot bout that shit). yeah technically. 2yrs.=)  its been amazing. a lot have changed in both our lives. im happy to know that ur still the same u. always so pure and innocent haaha. hope we can continue like this and i hope u can bear with me while im juggling all these things in my life.

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