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Went to this poetry slam at the Fringe Club hosted by mc yan last night. It was actually an event to promote french. I loved the atmosphere and the essence of poetry slams. Rapping, or rather reciting my verses without a beat actually eliminates all distractions and made my lyrics the main point of the whole thing. This further brought out the meaning and emotions behind the words. I did my verse from "So Far To Go", a song on the 85UP2 mixtape featuring Ghoststyle. I was overwhelmed by the response. Shout outs to everyone who recited their ly...Read more

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Slumdog Millionaire

Went to watch this movie with Eva yesterday. Slumdog Millionaire deserves all the awards and nominations. Every shot in the movie has been designed to create a certain atmosphere the director wanted to portray. The flow of the movie is just nice for us to understand the main character Jamal's life without feeling bored. The music scores thro...Read more

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Reflection Eternal

Damn.. where do i start.....? Time passes so slowly when your hanging on to certain memories.. Sometimes Time flies when you're not aware.. Can't believe that i've lived in HongKong for like two and a half years. Can't believe that i graduated from secondary school back in 2005..

New friends became good friends, old friends became memories that are fading away.. The culture shock is not a problem anymore. Still remember how hard it was for me to adapt to life here and waste all of my cash on trips to Singapore and M...Read more

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Me VS Some cool taiwanese food


Some cool taiwanese dish Read more

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i suck at this

yup.. i suck at figuring things out.

i can't figure out how to add my friends here.

all of yall that have my email address, please add me!

appreciate it!

peace yo!

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shout outs to alivenotdead for helpin me put up my banner image!

hope to catch up with old homies, keep up with current friends and connect with new friends here.


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No One On The Corner Got A Swagger Like Us!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KinRqxsY_s

fantastic performance! always love to see Jay-Z  do his thang! if i didnt watch his Hardknock Life video on MTV when i was young, i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing right now. MIA's outfit is pretty dope as well


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Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=h0VtqAv1q4U&feature=related

One of my favourite TV shows back then.. brings back so much memories.. Hope yall like this


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feels so good! no doubt about that

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1st blog entry

It's late at night.. feeling kinda cold..

Going through a lot of changes in life recently, thisi is something that i'm never good at handling. Some things are getting better for me and some are getting worse.. life is not exactly too balanced for me sometimes. Anyways, i can go on writing for hours if i continue on this. Since i was t...Read more

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