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Mountain Brothers

i realized i've been posting these random blogs that don't spark any sort of interest to peeps at all.  no one wanna hear some skinny dude nag about his shitty life and all. i can understand that. i won't  wanna read ur blogs if its not relevant to me in any way. everyone around me seems to be heavy on facebook 24/7. these days. its simple, fast, and no heavy content. anyways im sick of u motherfuckers poking ur iphone screens and facebooking while im fuckin eating dinner with u guys. ok crap. this has got nothin to do with the subject title for this blog entry. i just found this old Mountain Brothers joint that i used to love a couple of years ago. yall should know, my real name is galaxy. feels awkward hearing people say my name so many times. reminds me of fuckin teachers trying to wake me up when im sleepin in their boring ass classes. also, the first dude who i rapped with back when i was 14 or 15, looks 80% like Chops from Mountain Brothers. so this really brings back high school memories of those teachers and my homies.anyways. dope joint! do check it out!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptd2CuBR-Tg

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