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Tommy Grooves a.k.a Mr TAK

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-SKp4yAMqs

been talking forever about this project...but we're finally putting it together.hope y'all would like this one!peace!

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where u at?

where did everyone go.....? havent been on this blog for a long time.. hope to update more often.i fucked up.not a day goes on without missing u.anyways. wonder why im always in "sentimental-mode" when im on this blog.whatever it is, im getting by. just growing up.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ny5ajCn0xw

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回香靖 is in stores now

finally. nice cover art by the way.im glad that this project is finally out.hope that yall would like this album.its always around this time of the year when i drop an album. these past 3years have been fun for me. its been a crazy ride juggling my life and learning so much. now we're working on the 85 album. hope to see it happen. we're also workin at turtle-pace for TAK's album. h...Read more

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回香靖 August 8th 2011

what up! how's everyone doing? i've been going thru a lot of shit, just managing my life and trying to make some changes.anyways, one thing that's been keepin me positive is that  回香靖 is coming out real soon!it was amazing to be able to produce and record this album with Jin. really admire his work ethic. gotta thank him for the opportunity and really trust me enough to let me do the entire album. the 2nd single off the album is out!Video:Read more

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85crew X Joey Tang

i've always been lucky and given opportunities to work with people that inspires me.i was either 3 or 4years old when my dad played the  太極 cassette tape in the car. that was probably my first encounter with rock music.can't believe that after so many years (im 21 right now) we managed to get 太極's guitarist Joey Tang to bless a track on the 85Crew album.. woohooo.. history in the makin...Read more

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i think therefore i am... bitch

 ( French:  ;  English:  ) is a  philosophical  Latin statement proposed by  René Descartes. The simple meaning of the phrase is that someone wondering whether or not ...Read more

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(捌伍起義) 85CrewTV Episode 3

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw-fJQMrpyk

random 3rd installment of the 85CrewTV series directed by kodieedited by dj xlargespecial appearance by Kyle (xlarge's nephew)enjoy!peace

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Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/2odBjuUnOOU/

i was randomly talkin to eva about how our friend Flashkid was really tall and all.then we kinda made references to yao ming.so then i remembered watchin the trailer of this documentary called The Year Of The Yao.i was like sleepin over at my friends place back in singapore when we randomly saw this.so anyways, this is a pretty good film documenting yao's first year in america told thru the perspective of his t...Read more

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putting together the 85 Crew album

yes. our album is in the works. im pretty excited about this. putting together a lot of different soundscapes together. we're exploring a wide variety of sounds that we've never touched before. really happy to see everyone mature and concentrated. dennis zee, kwokkin and i are mainly producing the songs on this album. kwokkin especially, got some crazy crazy new beats!we're sorting out the guest features.every member gets a solo track too.its good that we switch up our working process. back then it was just denn...Read more

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LoudSpeaker is happening tonight!

can't wait!  i posted up the poster earlier, yall can check out those previous blog entries. anyways the address is here 6/F, Ko Leung Industrial Bldg, No.25 Dai Yip Street , Kwun Tongsee yall there tonight!!peace

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