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Did an interview for U On Live with Kz for the song i produced for him. i gotta learn how to talk nicely to people without souding stupid during radio shows....Read more

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Coming For You

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ySaVa7haPc


And yeah i forgot to post the video in my previous post about this song.. i only posted a link. Mr TAK's Coming For You also produced by me! Love his flow! Amazing person. I was amazed by his performance when i 1st saw him took the stage in Langham Plaza. Good guy to work with and also a good friend.



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Kz - 容易受傷的女人


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KdFFCV1YMw

Another song i produced. This one is for mothers' day! 1st leaked single off Kz's 2nd album which is gonna be released soon. Im honored to be producing the entire album for him.

I first heard of Sangfan(kz's crew) during my 1st few recording sessions back in Singapore. I was featured on the same SouthEast Asian hip hop compilation as them. Honestly not exactly a big fan of their ...Read more

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I Cant Live My Life This Way

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbo9QlcLcX8


I cant live my life this way. With all the hatred, all the greed, all the snakes in disguise. I'm not sayin that im super pure and want a way out of this. Cos I myself is hating on people, greedy as hell, selfish and all. But damn, everyone is more or less like that. It just depend on how u present yourself and whether others realize who u are. All these different sides of me, the innoc...Read more

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Mister TAK - Coming For You


check it out!

a recent track i produced for MrTAK. He's dope! got his own sound and all. it was wonderful to work with someone like him. the process of making this happen was great and ideas kept on flowing. anyways, enough of my bullshit. Listen to his track and show some love!



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Time flies. i realised how much time i've wasted.

I failed myself time after time. I've locked myself up at home before and tried to reflect. but nothing seems to be right. Maybe the society is too fast for me to follow. Or maybe I'm just falling behind, watchin everyone and everything surpass me. Where were u when i needed u the ...Read more

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Random bunch of stuff i like and dont like

First things first, it's effed up that i didnt post a blog entry for so long. Secondly, i'm supposed to post some updates on things that have to do with the current projects I'm workin on. But being me, the random skinny kid getting busy with a bunch of random stuff..... here i am with a list of random things i like and dont like game show music followed by a cool ass drum roll

Things I Like

  1. Music

  2. My girlfriend

  3. Reading the...Read more

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Pic of me and kwizyne performing some time ago in s'pore



go to his page and download his mixtape for free now!!!

I remember I first knew him about 4years ago through some hip hop forum in s'p...Read more

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Walk This Way

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So Far To Go

Her 1st name is Hip, her last name is hop

Ever since I was a kid, she told me not to stop

Told me not to mess with them cats, disgracing her with ice

Since the day that we met, she had a place in my life

Her voice is like Melody, her thoughts are like Rhythm 

That B-boys, DJs and writers all wanna listen

As i travel down the street, tryna rock this place

Adidas with no laces as I Walk This Way

Everyday, I represent my love with my beats

Multi-syllable rhymes I recite was the...Read more

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