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peace out 2010!

1st pic in 2011. saying goodbye to 2010. 1st thing of 2010, we went to watch kz and mista khaki perform in tst and counted down the last seconds with them. xlarge took a pic of us outside why club after their show. that pic was rather memorable. it represented what was going on at the time. then the year kicked off with a 2 day LMF concert. phenomenal. crazy performance. they'll always remain legends. it was cool to see sangfan come out as guest performers and did that Mama song off kz's album. whatever happens, that song will remain a classic in my heart and if i were to choose one song that represent my work as a producer, i'll choose that song.so yeah. the 85Crew video came online. normal response. not much going on. the crew started to fall apart. ok we kinda stopped after this video came on. i think we just did one show, opening for DJ Vadim together with Ghost Style. talkin bout GS, i would go to his place like every thursday to mix the songs on the kz album. it was a fun learning experience for me. school was really driving me nuts. i learned to separate myself from being aware of what time it was. i didnt wanna know how long i've been in school and how much more time is needed to fulfill my requirements. it was all good though. a lot of nice people in class. fuck. fuck man. i dont feel like elaborating anymore. a lot of shit happened in 2010. a lot of changes definitely. in exchange for the bitter feelings i had throughout the year, there were times when i felt perfect. for all the bad things that happened in 2010, i saw the weaknesses in all of you. great learning experience too. i saw the softer side of a lot of people and i could say im honored. to round it up, 2009 we dropped the 85mixtape. 2010 we dropped kz's album (is it sold out already?) this year ended with an 85crew reunion. 2011, i hope that i'll be putting out new projects. big thanks to mom and dad. thank u eva!2011 is here, welcome to the jungle

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