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back in the days....

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TFP - Murder (produced by DoughBoy

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nXtPMqrfTw&translated=1

nah i aint gon stop. new joint i did for my homie TFP - Murder.i like the way we did this song. TFP recorded all of his vocals over a random beat and sent it to me together with his acapella tracks, i tried to figure out the vibe and made the beat while listening to his vocals. so the vocals come 1st in this song rather than how we usually do it with the artiste wr...Read more

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Yes. yall should know by now. 九十年代曲, KZ's 2nd album is out in stores now. i've been getting loads of positive feedback. heard that it's selling quite fast too. im super happy about it. we'll be in Macau around 12hrs later to do a release party for the album. hope to see everyone there!!once again i really appreciate all the help and support we've received. i wanna thank KZ for believing in...Read more

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KZ 九十年代曲 IS OUT NOW!!!

KZ  九十年代曲 IS FINALLY OUT IN STORES NOW!GET YOUR COPY!!! BRING IT TO MACAU ON THE 14TH AND LET KZ SIGN YALL AN AUTOGRAPH!My first time producing an entire album. thanks a lot for everyone who made this happen. really really appreciate the love and the opportunity!peaceDoughBoy

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KICK![](/attachments/2010/08/06/16/344337_201008061606031.thumb.jpg)PUSH!i was so excited! lupe fiasco's the illest coming out of the new school in my opinion. watchin him perform live was amazing! the auditorium was pretty empty though. all the hip hop heads who didnt manage to come have missed out the best performance ever! i wish he did songs like Americ...Read more

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KZ 九十年代曲 Album Release

if yall have been reading my blog, yall should've heard me talk about this kz project like a thousand times already.  its finally out!![](/attachments/2010/08/02/03/344337_201008020329451.thumb.jpg)thanks to everyone who helped made this happen. hope to see everyone in macau on the 14th!peace

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Mr TAK - Song Cry

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsDPt9jfY2I

I recorded this song for him a while back. love it. Jay Z's song cry is one of my favorite songs ever.TAK's version is even doper to me! I feel u on this one bro. If i dont get to finish Mr TAK's album by next year then i'll fuckin quit!!!!! haha well. quit school or whatever, definitely not gonna stop making music.peace! enjoy this song!

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thanks to u

haha u look so funny!thanks to u. i got my shit together again.

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right. i went to macau a couple of days ago.. thank eva for being my tour guide.  the 1st time i went there.. i was forced into a certain casino by my friend. i spent most of my trip sitting in a casino lobby waiting to go back to hk. this time, i really got to see how beautiful the place is.Read more

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