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christmas time

In order to fit with our schedule, eva organized an early gift exchange christmas gathering for the 85 crew and a few close friends. basically we just had to bring a gift each and draw lots to see who gets which gift.felt awesome. i enjoyed it! i bought a shitty pair of headphones from a computer store within the budget of $50 to $100. sorry to kodie who had to take that gift.shout outs to my man dj xlarge for buying the best gift of the night. best of all, i was lucky one who picked it! it was this dope ass air-guitar that u see me holding in the pic. it has chords from C to B, and has sharp, flat, minor and 7 modes for each chord. it detects ur strumming with some infrared sensor. awesome toy. i could start air-guitaring and make a beat with this toy!thank u for those who came! thanks to eva for doing this for us!wish everyone a merry christmas!peace!

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