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ok its dec. 25th. thanks for those who called me and smsed me since 12am until now. u know who u are. as i looked at the watch, i stepped on stage with my homie mr TAK at the Fringe Club at 12.07am. we rocked it.after that i just chilled with a close circle of people at the central pier and realized that there is almost no christmas decoration in hk this year as i looked across the harbor.for those so-call homies of my man TAK who claim that you'll support the boy at his 1st show in more than a year but ended up not coming, yall can suck my balls. yes. doughboy said it. u know who u are too.i spent the rest of this christmas with my family. my dad bought me a pair of converse. then we had steamboat together at home. feelin real warm. sorry to ghost style as im busy eating scallops at home instead of coming to ur gig at the pier. my scriptwriting homework is supposedly due on the 23rd. but im still doing it at home today. sorry that i always fuck up my school work. one day u'll understand me if u feel like u needed to do so.thats how it is for christmas. the year ahead of me, more music. thats one of the only things that matters to me. and also. a new year's resolution that i never fulfilled: to eat more and gain weight.right. i remember someone real important in my life told me (yup. u know who u are). "everyone's existence has a reason. maybe you're meant to be skinny. maybe this characteristic helps u in a way. like how gandhi was meant to do what he did for his people.. u know what im saying?"nope. sounded like ur just trying to make me feel good. i think i was 17? yeah i rmbr a lot of things u taught me bro! i came a long way. and im still nothin much. feels good though.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUMvqAtAFL4

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