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Super Kitty

Super Kitty high 5ing in the air!

She's 5 months now... still a cutie and sweet kitty. 

OK... so what's happened in Sept - Oct

1.  We all almost lost our hearing at club PP in TST East.  This club is huuuuge inside.  It was for a Josie Ho show and the sound setup in that club is crazy!! It's practically for an outdoor festival....  It was so damn loud... Josie, Adrian, Kookie, Kev and myself were standing in front of walls of bass woofers!!!! I think Adrian and I had the worst position that night... I could feel the insides of my body vibrate... Last time I felt like that was at a Prodigy concert!  Put this bass was Prodigy concert x5!!!  Luckily the set was short and sweet... I could feel my ear drums about to explode!!! Here's a vid

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sruj_1x584&feature=related If you listen with proper speakers you can just hear that bass kicking ass!!!  It was quite painful!!!  For the rest of the night I scrunched up tissues into my ears.  I will definitely bring protection next time to a place like that.

  1. Audiotraffic gigs at The Cavern for 'The Undeground' and Mong Kok for Startfromscratch / Warehouse... Always a good time playing for the Underground shows and our first show with Startfromscratch  thx to our bros Shepherds The Weak and King Ly Chee for inviting us.. The sets were tight with old songs, new songs and Pearl Jam cover song ANNND and an Alice in Chains song...

3.  Adrian, Jun and I were invited to go judge the Global Battle of the Bands at Cixi.  We also met a friend we haven't seen in a while... Wong Chi Chung.  We used to go to his radio show a lot and talk about music and perform live on his radio show.  Great guy and a massive supporter of the HK band scene.  The show itself was great...  Lots of different bands playing different styles which is good to see.  My favourite that night, Chochukmo ....they didn't win unfortunately... But my second and third favourites Won and came 2nd runner up!  Well done Killersoap for winning! And Joves came 2nd runner up... Great tunes!  Well done to all the bands for putting on a great show and keeping the scene real...

ohh... time to play with Faye... she's getting hyper and needs some attention...

untill next time....

BTW check the Audiotraffic AnD page for the gig updates...  our official site will be back and up and running soon soon soon....

Here's flying kitty one more time!

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they laugh at me when I put earplugs in at shows and clubs...
over 15 years ago
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Super Kitty saves the world!!
over 15 years ago
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I always have my plugs with me... I sometimes wear it in the cab when them really "NICE " hk cab drivers crank his station to full blast...i hate Loud music!!!!.....
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cool flying puss!
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