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Debut album now on sale!

Finally, our debut album is now available now in CD Warehouse and can be found in HMV and other CD stores later this week! The first 1,000 CDs are limited edition, wax sealed by hands of ours(so each one of them are slightly/quite different). I can guarantee that we are not going to make more once they are sold out. Even though they look absolutely beautiful, it was way too time consuming doing it one by one. Do check them out when you pass by any CD store!![](/attachments/2011/11/03/09/55061_201111030938471.thumb.jpg)
If you happen to be outside of Hong Kong, there is currently one way to order our album online via Yesasia.com don't know why the cover art is black and white there and the name of the second song becomes Peajon, typo?)Currently, we are taking a good rest after fighting/ struggling for 18months making the album and preparing for our CD release concert. Here's what our stage looked like:And sometimes it transformed into a screen for projecting animation:And even became the light source:Don't get me wrong, we are no millionaire and no one was sponsoring us for doing all this. All we had were help from friends who truly are passionate for music (and are professions in their own fields). And I want to thank them again here!!! If you want to hire someone professional for lighting/ sound engineering/ graphic design, ask me for their contacts :)Despite of all the technical problems we had at the beginning of the show, It turned out to be a great night! Friends (too many that I cannot list you guys/gals all out here!) and fans came down to see us and support us, filling up the whole venue!!! We really really appreciate it!! Special thanks to Don Cruz who inspired us a lot during our early era, came to play Happy and Better with us! It was great great fun to play with him on stage![](/attachments/2011/11/03/13/55061_201111031306112.thumb.jpg)And the amazing Empty Tomb, our good friend, being our guest, supporting us!Video: really hope that those who came on 22nd had a great night![](/attachments/2011/11/03/10/55061_201111031001101.thumb.jpg)So, if you have missed our show, you can check out the link below to see one of the beautiful animations we had for the song Distance. I wish I could be one of the audiences because from my angle on stage, the animation did not look as nice will be playing for JUBA this Saturday, the annual joint university band show and its FREE ADMISSION!!!Do come down and enjoy some music if you are free, details here:, I gotta get back to work now! See you all soon!Kev

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KillerSoapz' debut album, MVs and more

Hi AnD friends, It's been such a long time since we last blogged. I did not realize that much of effort is needed to record an album, mixing raw tracks together, listening to them a million times to find out flaws in our own work. Anyway, it does feel good, in the end, that we manage to keep our promise of releasing the album in 2011!Our debut album is entitled , and will be released on 22 Oct during our album release show in Hang Out, Sai Wan Ho. If you have not heard of us/ seen us live before, check out the videos below:For the lost souls (MV)

Video: (Art Jamming by Rock Motel)Video: has been a tough year for us and we wouldn't be able to complete this album with help of our friends out there! Even though we only have very limited budget from our own pockets, still, we will try to pull out a unique performance on 22 Oct for you all. The album itself contains a lot of artworks (which doubled the printing cost :p). We do hope you all will appreciate it.Alright, time to get back and practice for the show now! Hope to see you all on 22 Oct!Kevin @ KillerSoap

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It's offcially now! Our CD Release Party!

Date: 22 Oct 2011 Time: 8pmVenue: Hang Out 2 Holy Cross Path, Sai Wan Ho, Hong KongTicket: $150 Advance $180 At door

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Blog: Thursday, Sep 15

Our debut album: Video:

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Music Battle - AnD + TVB

Hi friends,It's been a long while since our last blog entry ..... we've been very busy recording our debut album, which I promise you guys that it will be released in 2011!!! It's a full album instead of an EP!! So please stay tuned! You probably should have heard of this Music Battle thing which is organised by Alive not Dead and TVB, sponsored by San Miguel. We really had great fun playing at the Music Battle show with our good friend Tonick and the other great local band Senseless. For some reason, we are always chosen to be the opening band and this time we were also the the very first band to play in this event as well as in the webisodes.Please, do check our our songs and interview:

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The Underground Compilation CD #3

hi friends,haven't been updating this place for quite a while!We've been busy recording our debut album lately and writing new songs of course! Hopefully we are able to release the CD in 2010!Meanwhile, The Underground Compilation CD#3 is out! Check it out:
Two of of songs, Just let it go and The Choice that I've made are included in this CD.You can preview the songs and buy it online here: you guys soon! Ciao!

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Photos by Ian

We went to take some pictures with our new drummer, Gould, last week. Trillion thanks to our best friend, Ian, for his time and amazing photo taking skills. He has been one of the biggest supporters of local bands and taken thousands of cool pictures at hundreds of shows! By the way, we have entered the Linkin Park Contest, please vote for us so that we can meet at Linkin Park's Macau concertFollow this link : and VOTE FOR Killer Soap Please!!!Kevin

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We need your vote

Hi friends,

We need your vote in Linkin Park Opening Band Contest!!!

Please follow the link below and vote for us!!!!!


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Free show at the Hang out with our new drummer Gould!

Warm welcome to our new drummer Gould! He is an absolutely amazing drummer and We had a very good time playing with him at the Hang Out on 24/7. Bands of the night:No Excuse Empty Tomb Killer Soap Croxx Roads

Supper Moment Trash21 check out our good friend Trash21! Their music is amazing!!!!!!Ready for some videos of Gould?Reason:

Video: should check out other videos of the night too!!!

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