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Comeback Kid Live in HONG KONG April 27

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Start From Scratch Records presents:



DATE: Apr 27

TIME: 7:30pm

PLACE: Pier Pressure (Lamma Island Ferry Pier #4 (Central) 中環新填地四號碼頭)

TICKETS: $150 (預訂PRESALE) / $180 (即場DOOR)

CONTACT: 9528-5433 or 9343-0457


King Ly Chee:

Shepherds the Weak:



Please contact any of these people預訂門票請CALL:

King Ly Chee: Brian 93430457 / Riz 95285433

Embryo: Tai 92368706

Shepherds the Weak: Glenn 9255-4890

Last day to buy tickets is April 25!!!


8five2 Shop

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Star Crossed Tattoo

MEDIA SPONSOR: Alivenotdead


Comeback Kid is one of the world's most well-established hardcore bands! Formed in 2002 from the ashes of a popular hardcore band called Figure Four, Comeback Kid has been powering through non-stop having toured the globe several times.

They've released 3 full lengths (Turn it Around, Wake the Dead, Broadcasting) and are bringing their honest, no-bullshit hardcore to Hong Kong on Apr 27!

For more on Comeback Kid hit up:



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Blog: Thursday, Mar 6


WE'd like to invite all of you to this months' FIVE AGAINST ONE. Featuring the craziest and one of the most hilarious band i've ever seen. HORSE THE BAND.


Here's the info. Please come and help us break even so we can pay for the venue and equipment hehe bring the rest of your family too if you like.


Central Lamma Ferry Pier no. 4

7:30 P.M








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HELLO friends,

For those of you know that don't know us, FIVE AGAINST ONE is organized by Start From Scratch Records (STW,KLC and friends).  So far we've put together around 5 shows and all of them have been very successful.  The upcoming FIVE AGAINST ONE is this Saturday Feb 23 at Pier Pressure (Central Lamma Ferry Pier no. 4)  Please come out and support!!.  We're bringing our friends PILEDRIVER from The Philippines to play this show, and it's a guaranteed ass ripping mosh mayhem.  

Here are the current FIVE AGAINST ONE DATES.

Five Against One - Piledriver[HK]

Piledriver, King Ly Chee, Shepherds The Weak, Protoss, Love Song

Here is the information for the upcoming FIVE AGAINST ONE show.

presented to you by the good people of Start From Scratch. This is the first showwe've organized out of the Warehouse.  Please help us spread the word,invite your friends bring your family, your dog everyone. We'rebringing our friends PILEDRIVER from the Philippines.  Come check themout with your local acts, KING LY CHEE, SHEPHERDS THE WEAK, THELOVESONG, PROTOSS.


TIME: 7:30pm

PRICE: $120



Lamma Island Ferry Pier # 4 (CENTRAL)



March 21 Pier Pressure (HORSE THE BAND, King Ly Chee, Hermetic Silence, Ignite The Hope


There are future dates to be announced. Keep checking our page for further details.

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Hello Friends,




Warehouse, ABERDEEN

7:30 P.M Start.






special guest  NO OPINION (GERMANY)

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What's new with STW

Lots of stuff.......

Played with Napalm Death up in Shenzhen with our boys from DIV, then with Metal Safari our new friends from Japan came over (SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD and SUPER NICE DUDES). 

Up next we play with The Geeks representing Korea Hardcore with our bro's from the almighty King muthafucking LyChee and our straight up, no bullshit HKHC flag bearers EMBRYO!!

You want to come to a hardcore show put together by passionate people?? True to their roots and sticks to their poser bullshit??? You got it

Come represent and welcome our new friends from KOREA......Don't talk about coming to the show so you can score points, just show up.

Oct. 20 Warehouse

To use the words of our bro's in PILEDRIVER

"This is not mine...nor's OURS to keep!!"


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Quote of the Day

the paradox of our time in history is that we spend too much but have less, we buy more but enjoy less. we have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less sense. more degrees, but less sense. more knowledge but less judgement. more experts yet more problems. more medicines but less wellness. we drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly. laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too late. get up too tired. read too little , watch tv too much and pray too seldom. we have multiplied our possesions but reduced our values. we talk too much, love too seldom and hate too often. we've learned how to make a living but not a life. we've added years to life not life to years. remember, say akind word to someone who looks up to you in awe because that little person will grow up and leave your side. remember to give a warm hug to the one next to you; because that is the only treasure that you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent. remember to say I LOVE YOU to your partner and your loved ones but most of all mean it...

a kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside you....

remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again....

give time to love, give time to speak and give time to sharethe precious thoughts in your mind....

" life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by the moment that take our breths away.... "

-george carlin

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Back from the tour....

Back from the tour....


post a blog entry about the wonderful experience we've just had as band on tour simply doesn't do it justice.  YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE to understand.  To cut the long story short,  every single band we played with ripped, and everyone we met treated us like we were old friends.  The crowd definitely represented and showed us how they do it back home. 

STW would like to thank everyone that came out to both shows, you guys definitely brought it both days.  Cheers to you all....we'll definitely be back soon.

A big thank you goes out to Crankmusicrelief, Railroad Records, Piledriver and the Laguna crew for making the show happen.  WE love you guys. 

Thanks to Howell, Treb, Reg, Johnner, Dex and Santa Rosa Laguna HxC  for showing us your family and making sure that we were ok.  We are extremely honoured to play for and with you guys, we learned more about hardcore in the few days that we hung out with you than the years that we've considered ourselves core here in HK.  We are envious of what you guys have and hopefully we can bring back what we learned from you and share it here with our friends in HK. You have enlightened us......

Thanks to Jaycee for taking care of us in Manila, the rest of REDBOY (Abet, Marlon, Josel, Edong)  Sobrang lupet niyo mga pre, we'll meet again for sure.

To all the Bands that we played with, THANK YOU so much.  It was an honour.

Thanks to our good friend IVAN for providing accomodation and transpo and our first flight with Air Force One BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Thank you to Weng's family for the food and shelter....

Finally a big thanks to our family and friends here in HK for all the best wishes before we left.  We love you all.

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Since when was Hardcore exclusive?

I find it funny how close minded most hardcore kids can still get,  They make it seem like hardcore is this elite group that only a select few know about and that you need to go through hell and high water to be considered "core".  To me that's a big load of stinkin cow dung, first of all because they're missing the point.  It's supposed to be a community, how can we build a community if we only open our doors to a select few....??? I understand that for a few this is just a passing fad, and that's understandable, if it's not for you

maybe it really just not your cup of tea.  Thanks for coming to the shows though....don't let the door hit you on your way out.  But anytime you want to come back, the doors are wide open for you.  That's the one thing that we like about Hong Kong hardcore is that for the most part, it's very positive, the vibe is generaly good at shows and the political bullshit is usually kept within the bands.  No tough guy dudes circling around the pit waiting for an opportunity to throw down, thank God we've never had to throw anyone out the door.   

I particulary get annoyed with kids who call Old school hardcore bands as "REAL HARDCORE" and everything else is obsolete,  that's annoying to other bands such as ourselves who don't particulary sound, in fact don't sound anything like MINOR THREAT or JUDGE or GORILLA BISCUITS.  Just because we don't sound like that does that mean we're less "Hardcore".  Does that mean that everything we stand for doesn't hold as much water as 

XBANDX because we don't play three chords a breakdown, two step, go and a circle pit part 

in our song.   Get off your high horse buddy and move on with the times, and give us the respect we deserve....We do not narrow ourselves down with just one particular style of hardcore.  To us it's the music, the lyrics (SHUSH NOW RIZ!! :-) )  and the friendships we've made and the life experiences we've had that we want to share with you.

On that note we in STW would like to thank all of the friends we've made all these years, the bands we've played with and more importantly the people that continously support Shepherds The Weak and the "scene" whatever's left of it.  Let's not let narrow minded ness destroy what we have and cherish.  Respect your parents, others and love your GF oryour wife.  Know that we are not alone in this world and there must be someone out there looking out for us and you'll be just fine.

We are now embarking on our homecoming tour, more like being thrown in a hell of fire, an experience that we are most definitely looking forward to.  We hope to meet new friends and share with them our experience here in HK, our second home.  We will let them know how open minded the people here are and how YOU welcomed us with OPEN ARMS AND HEARTS.  


Drink lots of water's good for you.

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The closer the day we fly back home gets, the more scared we get. It's scary to think that we are finally playing back in our home country with the added bonus of playing with the ALMIGHTY SKYCHURCH (stilll in awe of this band to this day) BADBURN, our bro's from PILEDRIVER (who put the show together THANKS DUDES) and other new bands that we are excited to play with and meeet. We are not as far as other Filipino's abroad but far enough to miss it so much. The scene in the Philippines is brutal and uncompromising, it is the oldest punk and hardcore scene in Asia, if the crowd doesn't like you, they don't like you period. They're not afraid of letting you know how much you suck either. This scares the living crap out of us. I mean yes we've made our mark here in HK our second home, but we're yet to play for a hometown crowd. This tour will not only throw us in a pit of fire, but it will surely put us in place.....We definitely do not deserve the top billing that we got in the poster.

We are extremely honoured to be playing with our Filipino bro's. The Prodigal son's have returned we hope you accept us with open arms.

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Hello friends

  Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been crazy busy trying to get the Philippines show sorted out.  We're a poor band so scraping the bottom of the jar right now for finances.  We cracked our piggy bank ages ago when we moved to our new band room so we're broke.  WHO'S idea was it to tour anyway???!!!!! HEHEHE No seriously we're all looking forward to the Phlippines shows, it would be nice to finally meet friends from back home that we only met on the Internet but have been relentless in supporting our miniscule hardcore scene here in HK.  We're representing HK and the Philippines baby.!!!

Oh yeah if you guys missed the FIVE AGAINST ONE SHOW two weeks missed out on an awesome show. It was packed, everyone was getting along hanging out and just having good clean fun.  If you missed it TOO BAD.  But don't worry we're organizing another one when we come back......this time SHOW UP!


Manila Poster (first show).....with SKYCHURCH, BADBURN AND PILEDRIVER WOOHOOOO!!!!!](/

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