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virtual reality

managed to hook up with a few of the AnD foundation last night: got to meet Patrick, Boon and co. plus Terence was out on on the war path again. with so many virtual connections going on it's nice to be able to follow that up in the real world now & again. a few of the guys from 24H / Hardpack were also down after their show at YoPark (or whatever it was called), Ed & Phat were on fine form and Conroy lived up to his stage namesake :) ...dude, I always get really f*cking messed up around you. although I get messed up every Friday so not much of a coincidence.

right, I'm off for dim sum before my head cracks in two halves and out pops the hangover alien. just borderline holding-it-together enough to get this typed out. maybe more writing later. probably some images later. definitely beer later.

edit: you might be wondering why I'm blogging when it's a painfully sunny day outside... well I generally hate the beach (goddam sand) but it's easier to chill out on a monday or a tuesday, when everyone else is stuck in the office. tooooooo maaaaaany peeeeeeople..........

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sounds like yopark was good. i missed out!
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wrote this about 3pm I guess? it was a messy night of mexican beer and tequila chasers from 10pm until 6am. tonight feels japanese, so racking up sapporo & sake... hell... then back to work on Sunday.
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