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awdio & halo

another little project I'm involved with - live club music broadcasting from around the globe 24/7. the beta web-site is up now, check it out:


many more venues have agreed to install our hardware, but you'll find it's the scene leading & open minded spots who got onboard early: Le Paris Paris, Club11, Nublu, Zouk, Rex, Lov·e... Yumla :) once some of the big guns tag along later in the year, Awdio will be a very cool music resource indeed. 

and now onto my second passion, the soon to be completed xbox game trilogy of halo has announced that the director for the upcoming feature film will be relative newcomer Neill Blomkamp. judging by the look & feel of clips like the one below, and backed by Lord Of The Rings creative labs Weta Workshop, it's going to take a miracle to bugger the film up. I just hope they don't overdo the CGI... give me plastic models flying around any day of the week. oldskool is the best skool.

when the new game gets released on September 25th you will most definitely not see any blogs from me on here for a few weeks!

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yeah... multiplayer is the way forward plus we have a wall projector here at the studio. although i didn't buy an xbox360 yet, I don't really play anything else and I'm waiting for the limited edition halo3 model ... yes, that makes me kind of pathetic.
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