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new music

...coming to this page, very soon, I promise!

right on (indeed)... some music is now up, much thanks to the guys behind AnD. just a quick introduction, my background is electronic dance music and I've been putting out 12" vinyl since c.2001. including all other label signings, compilations, remixes and collaboration projects, there are probably just over sixty records out there with my name on 'em, somewhere... even if only in really small print. in the last few years I've widened my scope so the genres I focus on now include electronic & club mixes / remixes (from melodic techno, minimal progressive, tech-house, breakbeat and electro), some industrial, some electronic rock, some downtempo ambient, some seriously underground hiphop (lyrical talent coming from bisc1 out in NYC) and I'm not adverse to a bit of indie pop now & again. the tracks in my media player (main page) will give you a good cross-section. enjoy! more coming soon.

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cool, can't wait. keep us posted!
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Arrive not Dead.

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