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Tooth Fairy's Coming Tonight!!- warning graphic photo ahead|牙齒仙子將於今晚降臨!! - 警告:以下可能有令人不適的圖片|牙齿仙子将于今晚降临!! - 警告:以下可能有令人不适的图片|今夜歯の精が来るんだ

No those are not some new kind of drug. Those are my bulldog, Buddy's, teeth. We took on an 8 year old dog from the Hong Kong Dog Rescuea few months ago and she (Renee) and my old dog(Buddy) are still tryin...Read more

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The Pancakes|The Pancakes|The Pancakes|ザ・パンケーキ

While I was in Guangzhou the other day doing promotions for Overheard, I ran into Dejay Choi in the hotel elevator. Dejay is the brains behind my favorite one girl band, The Pancakes. Singing in English rather than in Cantonese, her sometimes angry and cynical lyrics are offset by her off beat and inocent delivery that just make me want to smile. She gave me this new dvd, Someti...Read more

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Little David vs. Christian Bale|小David vs. 克裏斯蒂安·貝爾|小David vs. 克里斯蒂安·贝尔|デビッド君とクリスチャン・ベイル

I blogged about little David a while back and his video has got to be one of my favorite youtube vids of all time. Now someone's taken the video and done a little mash up with the Christian Bale freakout incident. Love it! Thanks Dan Pakfor sending this to me! |前不久我的一篇博客寫了小 David 看牙醫,這視頻曾經一度是我的最愛。但現在有人將它與克裏斯蒂安·貝爾罵人的片段整合起來,我很喜歡! 謝謝 Read more

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Jun Kung|恭碩良|恭硕良|ジュン・カン

Here's a little clip of my boy Jun Kung's recent show for Agnes B in Taipei. As one of the artistes in my management company, Revolution Talent Management, we are working hard on getting his long awaited album to release this year. This song was a collaboration with the Godfather of Taiwanese rock, Wubai and is Jun's first Mandarin song. Enjoy |這是我的經紀公司 Revolution Talent Management 旗下藝術家 恭碩...Read more

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The White House|白宮|白宫|ホワイトハウス

I'm still backlogged on blogs here. Here's a little something from The White House:

When I was about 5 years old, I wanted to be the first Chinese American President of The United States. I very quickly grew out of that idea and I'm glad I did. On my recent trip to New York we decided to take an excursion to Washington D.C. as I haven't been since I was 7. Through Lisa's father's relationship with the Secret Service we were taken on a special tour of The White House. Unlike regular tours we got to...Read more

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The High Line|High Line 公園|High Line 公园|ハイ・ライン

Just got back from yet another trip to New York. Besides sampling NY's awesome cuisine I made sure to go and check out the newly opened High Line Park. The High Line was originally an elevated train line that serviced the meatpacking district in NY. It was made to help alleviate street level delivery traffic on the west side of town. Unused since the 60's someone had the...Read more

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Mobb Deep at Shanghai Racks TOMORROW NIGHT 6.13.09!!!!|Mobb Deep 將於明晚(6月13日)在上海 Racks 演出!!!!|Mobb Deep 将于明晚(6月13日)在上海 Racks 演出!!!!|mobb Deep at Shanghai Racks TOMORROW NIGHT6.13.09!!!!

If you're into old school Hardcore Hip-Hop like me and will be in Shanghai tomorrow night...GO TO RACKS BECAUSE THEY ARE PLAYING LIVE!!! I wish I could be there but I can't.Someone tell me how it was!

                  ...Read more

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Terence Sings Hallelujah|尹子維演唱"哈裏路亞"|尹子维演唱"哈里路亚"|テレンスの歌う賛美歌

    Damn! Brandon beat me to the punch! Here's my version of Terence singing Hallelujah. I was playing around with the HD video feature on my Canon 5D MkII. I

was really amazed at the quality that I got and I didn't even light it. There is no auto focus when shooting in video so I had to pull the focus myself and because I was using a telephoto lens that made the depth of focus short...Read more

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Shek Kin R.I.P.|安息,石堅|安息,石坚シー・キエン 安らかに眠れ

We've lost another legend. Rest in Peace.




Read more

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Damien Walters...is sick too!|Damien Walters...空翻高手!|Damien Walters...空翻高手!|デミアン・ウォルターズ・・・これもまた凄い!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MeiwLLZjDo&feature=fvst

Mr. JBSsent this one over to me. I lost count of how many times I yelled out Jesus Christ while watching this. I am always amazed at what the human body is c...Read more

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
July 27, 2005