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Double Knockout!|同樣厲害的出拳!|同样厉害的出拳!|二人ともノックアウト!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4n_m75inqc&feature=related This is crazy. I have been into martial arts pretty much my whole life and I love watching fights but I have never seen this before. Two good right hooks landing at the same time with the same effect. Amazing. Even the ref is confused. I wonder how this goes down on their record, two losses or a tie or two wins? I think the best thing is to forget it ...Read more

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Jeanne Hartman's acting workshop 2!!!|Jeanne Hartman 的演技課 2!!!|Jeanne Hartman 的演技课 2!!!| ジーン・ハートマンの第二回演技講座!!!

Last week I took part in Jeanne's second workshop in HK! It was fun to get a "work out" as well as meeting a bunch of great actors who all seemed so dedicated to working on their craft! There is still one more workshop on the 19th and 20th so if you are serious about acting go down and check it out!...Read more

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Remembering 5.12 and a conversation with Jet Li|銘記 5.12,與李連傑的對話|铭记 5.12,与李连杰的对话|5.12記念日とジェット・リーとの対話

I always found it interesting that in the 12 years I have been in the business here, one of the people I most wanted to meet had always alluded me. I was finally able to meet Jet Li last year at an event in Shanghai. There were many people there but I was at least able to say hi and shake ...Read more

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Bruce will always win|李小龍總是大贏家|李小龙总是大赢家| いつだってブルースが勝つ

Is it really even a contest?


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywu1DeqXTg4



Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywu1DeqXTg4

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Good Bye LALA Land|再見洛杉磯|再见洛杉矶|さよなら・ら・ら

Heading back to HK today. For some reason it always feels good to leave LA(maybe because I'm from Northern California). Last night's talk went well. It was easier than I expected and it felt good to honor a good friend that I repsect. Read about it on Eric's Blog. |今天出發回香港。不知為何,離開洛杉磯總感覺不錯(或許是因為我來自北加州)。昨晚的訪談進行得很順利,比我預想得更容易,而且跟一個我尊重的好朋友合作感覺很棒。讀讀 Eri...Read more

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Dustin Nguyen and Sung Kang respect to AAA's!|出色的美籍亞裔演員 Dustin Nguyen 和 Sung Kang!|出色的美籍亚裔演员 Dustin Nguyen 和 Sung Kang!|ダスティン・グウェンとサン・カン AAAに敬礼!

Had dinner with Dustin Nguyenand Sung Kang last night at Sung's place Saketini in Brentwood, Los Angeles. I watched every episode of 2...Read more

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Eric Nakamura in the spotlight|焦點人物 Eric Nakamura|焦点人物 Eric Nakamura|エリック・ナカムラに注目

If you're in Japan town LA come see my friend Eric. I have been a contributor to his magazine Giant Robot for over 10 years. Now I get to interview him live on stage. I like being on this side of an interview. That's a silly picture of me...Read more

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Asians need to represent in America!|亞洲人要在美國發光發亮!|亚洲人要在美国发光发亮!|アメリカでアジア系が演じるには

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAbJgXUM4o4I'm back home in SF right now and my Mom of all people showed me this last night so I had to put it up. I blogged about this topic before a while back but it's good to hear the young kids out there voicing their opinion. I don't know KevJumba but he's speaking the truth, saying things I've been thinking since I was a kid. It's n...Read more

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Matsumoto's Hawaiian Shaved Ice!|Matsumoto 店的夏威夷刨冰!|Matsumoto 店的夏威夷刨冰!|松本のハワイアンかき氷!

OK, I guess I grossed out some people in the last blog, but I guess that was the point. Here's something better. If you follow this blog it probably seems like I'm constantly traveling, that's because I am! Whether for work or pleasure I have been on the go quite a bit these days. The best part about traveling is seeking out g...Read more

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Blogging backlog: I ate bugs!|寫寫之前的事情:我吃了蟲子!|写写之前的事情:我吃了虫子!|過去の日記:虫を食べたよ!

Promoting Shinjuku Incident was a crazy whirlwind of work that was not fun but had to be done, I barely had enough time to eat and sleep much less blog. Now that that's all over, I've got a bca log of stuff that will slowly make it's way onto this blog. Here's one of them in no particular order:

Yes, those are bugs and yes I tri...Read more

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