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Moscow Dogs|莫斯科的狗|莫斯科的狗|モスクワ犬

I love dogs. My sister found this article about dogs in Moscow. Smart little buggers. I wish I could train my Bulldog to take the MTR into town and pick me up some food.Moscow Dogs Dogs are allowed on public transport in all of Europe, but generally with their master.  This is even more interesting.Canine commuter  ...Wild  dog  waits on the  platform!!STRAY dogs are commuting to and fr...Read more

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Eric Haze

I grew up along with the development of Street Culture and Eric Haze was the pioneering designer who helped bring the Art of street culture to the world stage. Starting of as a graffiti artist in the early 80's, Haze helped develop a style that is still growing strong today.He even designed the 24 Herbs logo. How lucky the 24HErbs guys are to have the guy who designed the Beastie Boys albums! Below is a little d...Read more

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This is awesome|這很棒|这很棒|凄いよ

Many many blogs ago I posted a video of those amazing sculptures/creatures walking down a beach that run on wind power. Now they've been shrunk down and modified to run on hamster power. If you want to make your own go here. If you're not a member of PETA, this is awesome.

Video: Read more

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Hello Mr. Eagle!|鷹哥哥﹐你好!|鹰哥哥﹐你好!|鷹さんこんにちわ!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gZdBJYwaGg Ever since I've been in Hong Kong I've noticed the eagle/kite/hawks(does anyone know what they are? because in Chinese it's all the same "ying") that circle around the city. There's a spot on the peak where I've seen over a hundred flying in circles together. In all this time however, I've never seen one up close. That is until this guy showed up on the window ...Read more

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The Most Disgusting Product Ever|最令人作嘔的產品|最令人作呕的产品|最悪な飲み物

Recently I have been filming Overheard 2. As requested by director Felix Chong, I have put on 20 pounds muscle for the role which means I have to eat a lot. So much so that I have to take protein supplements to maintain the mass. This product above, however, is taking things a bit too far. Meatwater!? Just looking at the flavors makes me want to vomit. Poached Salmon ...Read more

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Now that's a house!|這就是一個屋子!|这就是一个屋子!

Would be nice to be here right now....



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This sucks.|這太差勁了!|这太差劲了!|和訳 最悪


I really do hope they get it back. Normally I'd call them idiots for not backing up the hard drive but after seeing the look of guilt on Shook Shin's face, I think the point has already been made. That sucks. | Read more

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Video Game Car|遊戲機車|游戏机车|ビデオ・ゲーム・カー

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tXU3ZKpQmM&feature=player_embedded This car was designed by my good friend Eric Nakamura. He's co- founder of Giant Robot a magazine that I have been contributing to for over 10 years now. His Nintendo inspired car design is a fun way to pay homage to our generation of video consoles. Eric really...Read more

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Amazing kid|神奇小子|神奇小子|驚嘆すべき子供

Video: http://www.komonews.com/sports/heroes/111892554.htmlThe best thing about the internet is that it exposes you to things that you normally wouldn't have seen on tv or read about in the news. My favorites are video clips of people doing insanely un-human things. This kid is Amazing. I wish I had just one of his skills. |Video: http:/...Read more

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24 Herbs Special Track Preview|廿四味歌曲之特別預覽|廿四味歌曲之特别预览|24ハーブのスペシャルトラックのプレビュー

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFQKH17Dt4Y&feature=player_embedded#! As you may know, 24Herbs MOOV live show is this Tuesday night. You may also know that they are managed by my management company Revolution Talent Management. I'm excited for them because I know they've been working hard on their new album and this will be the first time they will perform them live...Read more

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
July 27, 2005