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11 years.... | 11年…… | 11年……

Just taking some time to reflect. I arrived here in Hong Kong exactly 11 years ago today. Above is a tiny little entry from my journal/sketch book that was written exactly 364 days and 23 hours ago. What crappy hand writing! Looks like I gave myself 1 year to find my path. I wouldn't have guessed that less than three months later I would be cast for my first film, Bishonen and my life would change f...Read more

Book of the Month | 本月好書 | 本月好书

So I was inspired by Oprah to start my own Book of the Month club. And here is my first book:

What's Your Poo Telling You?  by Josh Richman and Dr. Anish Sheth Ring of Fire, Shart, No#3. If you don't know what any of those three names stand for, then you must read "What's your Poo Telling You?". This insightful  little book is a quick and informative read. Perfect for wh...Read more

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Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffle | Roscoe's餐廳的雞肉配華夫餅 | Roscoe's餐厅的鸡肉配华夫饼

OK I'm making up for not blogging while I was on the road. I've come to realize that my blogging is best when I'm away on location working on a project. That's when I'm settled down and not running around trying to do a million things at once.

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History Made | 制造歷史 | 制造历史

I was in LA this past Tuesday to witness history being made. My man Obama secured the Democratic nomination after months of grueling battle with rival Hilary Clinton making the first African American ever to become a presidential candidate. This battle should have been done a while ago but Clinton's relentless and some would say shameless pursuit made things drag on. Pals from Giant Robot including Er...Read more

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Before you judge.... | 在你判定之前……

It is very easy in this difficult time of sadness to produce angry, self-righteous assumptions about what other people are and aren't doing to help in the earthquake relief. I think instead of wasting time and energy assuming that people aren't doing anything, maybe that energy should be focused on looking for other ways to help. Let's be constructive in this time of disaster instead of counter productive. I also must remind you that this blog is but a tiny tiny sliver of what I am doing in my life. Rest assured I ...Read more

Awesome animation. | 超棒的動畫|超棒的動畫|素晴らしいアニメーション

                MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

My buddy sent...Read more

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1st Year AnD Party! | AnD 一周年Party!

Wow! That was a great party last night! I have no pics because I brought the wrong camera(if you were there you know what I mean-squirt!). It's amazing that just a couple years ago, I was talking to Terence about this idea to make some sort of online artistic community. Didn't know how we were gonna do it but we thought it was a great idea and something that was desperately needed in HK. One year later, we got over 460 Artistes and 80,000 users. I'm stoked for that. Thanks to the AnD crew for actually making it...Read more

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South Africa Pt 2- Cape Town | 南非第二部分 – 開普敦

So after our safari, we headed down to Cape Town for a few days. Although this was my 5th trip to South Africa, I had never been there before. One thing that was apparent immediately getting off the plane was the mix of cultures. The places I'd been before we're pretty much white and black but in Cape Town, there...Read more

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Obama | 奧巴馬

                                        I know I still owe the other two parts of my South Africa trip but I'd thought I'd throw this in first...

 Statement on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Chicago, IL  -- Senator Barack Obama today released the following letter commemorating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.   

Dear Friends,The month of May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month...Read more

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Safari | 狩獵旅行

So I've finally had some time to go through the photos I took from this South Africa trip. There are a lot so I'm gonna have to break this blog about my trip into three parts. This is the Safari part and will probably be the most interesting to animal lovers, Discovery Channel freaks and carnivores(you'll see why in a sec).

The fi...Read more

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