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Draught Funk | Draught Funk | Draught Funk

Went to the Draft Punk concert in Mese on Sunday. I'm not a huge fan of their music but a friend had extra tickets last minute so Antonio and I decided to go. I'm glad we went. The show was insane! Probably one of the most high-energy things I've seen in a long time. When we walked towards the arena, Daft Punk...Read more

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More Tokyo Randomness | 東京隨拍 |東京隨拍

Self portrait. I always finding myself playing with the old slow shutter speed trick. I'm always surprised by what I get and it makes me feel like an artist for a split second. I guess I'm easily amused.

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Muzak!!! | 音樂!!! |音乐!!!

I haven't phyiscally purchased music in a long long time. Ever since I got my itunes account, I sort of thought buying cd's was pointless. Specially since once they are on my computer and ipod(s) I never touch them again. Plus finding a place to store them is a pain in the ass too. I already have enough trouble with my crazy dvd c...Read more

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What's Your Color? Find Your True Color! | 你的真我是什麽?找到屬於你的真色彩! |你的真我是什么?找到属于你的真色彩!

Why a chicken?

I’m not sure really. I’ve had a strange fascination with chickens since college. Their existence often baffles me. Why are they on this planet? Do they exist only to be eaten? Being the lowest mammal in the food chain, I often feel sorry for them, because chickens are the weakest animals on the planet with no dangerous form of attack and absolutely no way to defend themselves. They can’t even fly away because their wings are so out of proportion w...Read more

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Lady Wasteland

My good friend from college, Greg, just launched this site the other day. He's on AnD under the name Frame. They have shot a multi-episode series called Lady Wasteland. Ever wonder what life will be l...Read more

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Another Successful Night! | 又一個成功夜晚! |又一个成功夜晚!

Last night was our second AliveNotDead/Diesel party and I must say it was a big success again! Last month the theme was hip hop this month rock. Too bad that was the last one of the year. Maybe we'll do it again, hopefully sometime soon! Thanks to all that came out and had a good time!

| 昨晚是我們AliveNotDead和Diesel共同舉辦的第二次party,我得說又是次巨大成功!上個月主題是hip hop,這次是搖滾。可惜這是今年最後一次了,我們可能還會舉辦類似活動,希望盡快!感謝各位光臨並一起享受歡樂時光!

| 昨晚是我们AliveNotDead和Diesel共同举办的第二次party,我得说又是次巨大成功!上个月主题是hip hop,这次是摇滚。可惜这是今年最后一次了,我们可能还会举办类...Read more

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Ninjas and stuff | 忍者及其他 |忍者及其他

Went to the Ninja restaurant the other day and saw my first Ninja! It's super kitsch but super fun. You walk into a room with no doors, then a panel suddenly slides open and a Ninja pops out and takes you down a series of narrow passage ways till you get down inside. Turns out the Ninja is your waiter and he delivers everythin...Read more

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Akira |Akira |Akira

My brother from another mother, Akira made this ring for me. I'm so impressed with it. Akira is a super talented actor who I met in HK 8 or 9 ...Read more

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Tokyo Randomness | 東京隨手拍 |东京随手拍

So I've been here for just a bit over ten days now and am just beginning to get settled in. I know my directions now and I am getting to know my hood. The subway and train system is insane but I'm figuring that out too. The food here rocks. Ramen has been my staple but I'm moving on. The above phot is of the awesome Pra...Read more

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Kodo. | 鼓童 | 鼓童

It's been a couple days here now and am starting to get used to it. An old friend from college took me to a show that had Taiko drumming performed by member...Read more

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
July 27, 2005