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The show | 演出|演出

|For those of you who missed the show on tv....

For some reason, Paul Wong's Godfther intro is cut out. Does anyone know where a full version can be found?


|因為某些原因,黃貫中的 ”教父 ”開場表演被剪掉了。有人知道哪有完整版可以看嗎?給沒看到電視播出的人…

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ROC5fDrnE6k|因为某些原因,黄贯中的 ”教父 ”开场表演被剪掉了。有人知道哪有完整版可以看吗?给没看到电视播出的人 … Video: Read more

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From our performance...|我們的演出照片 | 我们的演出照片

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We Won!!!!!! | 我們贏了!! | 我们赢了!!

This was the final end piece to The Heavenly Kings saga. Almost exactly 1 year after our premiere at the Cultural Center in HK, we take home the award for best new director at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards in the same place. It's been a long journey that lasted a total of 4 years since it's inception. We also managed to pull off ,arguably, the strangest and whackiest performance in the history of...Read more

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THK at the SanFrancisco International Film Festival!! |《四大天王》參加美國舊金山國際電影節! | 《四大天王》参加美国旧金山国际电影节!

Just want to mention quickly that THK will be making it's Stateside premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival and the whole crew will be there! I am super excited to be showing the movie in my home town. We will be appearing at two of the three screenings for a meet and greet and Q&A session with the audience on ...Read more

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Finally!!!! | 終於!!! | 终于!!!


The new site is finally up! After over a year of saying so we've come clean on our word to bring you a new and improved site. Props to Terence for working so dilligently on this project. Thanks also to our web crew who've been shedding blood, sweat and tears to get this out to you. They also happen to be my old buddies from the Berkeley Wushu days! These guys created rottentomatoes.com way back in the day, so you know this site is in good hands now for sure.

Take your time to navigate, explore and e...Read more

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Warning: I am NOT on MY SPACE!!! | 警告:我沒有在MY SPACE!!!|警告:我没有在MY SPACE!!!

Hey Guys,

Happy Chinese New Year. Long time no write. Been having a a good time off, been back home to the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and South Africa. I'll talk about my travels in my next blog. Today I just wanted to say OFFICIALLY that the MYSPACE page some of you have seen IS NOT from me. If you look at it carefully and read the writing you can probabaly tell it's an imposter. From the writing style, it looks like it's done by a very bored ABC female teenager. However,...Read more

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So Sad... | 好難過…

Just found out, James Brown, "The Godfather of Soul" and one of the greatest musicians and entertainers in the world died. So upsetting.

Rest in Peace brotha. Music lovers around the world mourn for you.

Read more at:


剛得知:「騷靈教父」James Brown,這位專業又偉大的音樂人去世了。超低落!



Read more

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FInally... | 終於…

I finally have a chance to sit down and write. Just came back from a trip to Lake Tahoe, California where I was snowboarding for the past four and a half days. It’s been a long time since I have snowboarded, so that compounded with age has made my entire body sore. Even though I’m in total pain right now, I had a really great time. Snowboarding is one of my favorite sports. Are there any hardcore snowboarders out there?

The last month was an extra busy one for me. I finished shooting Blood Brothers, went to Taiwan for our final Alive...Read more

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Still a loser! | 還是失敗者!

No, Andrew you're still a loser! But at least you are able to upload photos to the blog. Why can't I do it?!?!

Anyway, Tokyo was great. Tickets to the film sold out in 10 minutes. The Q&A session was filled full of interesting questions and the interviews we did with the press were also intelligent and well informed. I wish HK reporters could learn a thing ot two from them. It's been a while since I've been to Tokyo and I forgot how much I like it there. Hopefully I can go back soon. I also received some CD...Read more

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I suck! | 我糗了!

Here I was all excited to post some photos from Pusan on the blog and I can't figure out how to do it properly. So I'm stuck with a text only blog. Terence, can you drop me an e-mail on how to do it again?

Anyway, Pusan was great. The THK screening was fully packed and the Q&A session had some really interesting questions for me. Thanks to those of you who showed up there! I was also able to see Ming Ming, the film I did with Zhou Xun. It's a beautifully shot film with really great music done by Anthony Wong. It is a re...Read more

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July 27, 2005