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The Stage R.I.P.|舞台拆卸|舞台拆卸|さらばザ・ステージ

The Stage officially is being taken down in the next few days. Unfortunately I have been filming in Guangzhou the past couple of months and have not had time to spend with my creation but hopefully some of you were able to make it out to West Kowloon and see it. There are still many bamboo chairs there so if any of you need them feel free to go down there and take them otherwise they will...Read more

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Hot Summer Days|全城熱戀|全城热恋

The following was copied from Tony Chan's blog. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you guys! Congratulations on your fist feature film as directors!

A big big big thank you to everyone's support and effort on our film.  The film was released in China on the 11th.  And we are the NO. 1 Chinese film!  The film will have its wide releas...Read more

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For all the techies...|寫給所有的電子迷們...|写给所有的电子迷们...|すべての技術屋さんに贈る…

So this blog will be boring for most of you out there but for those into this....I got something you might like. It's the DSLR kit from Red Rock. As most of you know cameras like the Canon 5D mkII can now shoot high quality HD video that gives you a cinema like feel. That's mostly due to the fact that you get a great depth of field because you can change lenses which normal video camera can't do. The only draw back with these DSLRs is they suck ergonomically for shooting video. I get ...Read more

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Red Earth|紅色地球|红色地球|レッド・アース

|Yes, long time no blog. That's because I'm working on a new movie here in China and really don't have time to think about anything else. I do however want to share these photos from a short film I did just before coming here with Clara Law. Clara and I worked together on Like a Dream which is finally coming out at the Hong Kong International Film Festival this March.

Red Earth is a short film that Clara and I did for the HKIFF so you will be able to see it there too. It&#...Read more

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Since we're talking about pranks...|既然我們談到了惡作劇。。。|既然我们谈到了恶作剧。。。|いたずらの話をするのはね…

http://you.video.sina.com.cn/b/1489235-1260983387.htmlThanks to Medussa722 who dragged this up from Sina.com so everyone can see it. This was the craziest stunt ever but Min volunteered to do this. We did this for the show "Chiseen" I produced for Asia MTV's Whatever things about 5 years ago. This clip spread around on the internet and eventu...Read more

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Some people are just so smart.|有些人就是這麽聰明|有些人就是这么聪明|頭のいい連中

http: //video.stumbleupon.com/#p=x68t3yxm06I love pranks and this is a really good one. Hmmm....who am I going to try this on? | http: //video.stumbleupon.com/#p=x68t3yxm06我挺喜歡惡作劇,這個呢就蠻不錯。恩。。。我要給誰試試這個呢?| http: //video.stumbleupon.com/#p=x68t3yxm06我挺喜欢恶作剧,这个呢就蛮不错。恩...Read more

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The Stage Documentary|舞台紀錄片|舞台纪录片|ザ・ステージのドキュメンタリー

The Stage: Short Doc from Daniel Wu on Vimeo. So here's a little short documentary, Kim Chan, put together for me about the creation of "The Stage", the design project that Edward Huang and I put together for the HK/Shenzhen Biennale. If you don't know what I'm talking about please refer ...Read more

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copy and pastePatricksent me this video because my installation for the biennale reminded him of this. These creatures are cool especially because they rely totally on natural power to "live". A product of  Amsterdam cafe's no doubt. | copy and paste受雙年展上我的設備安裝提醒的原因,Patrick發給我這個視頻。這些生物真的很酷,尤其是因為它們完全依靠自然的力量而“存活”。毋庸置疑,這是來自阿姆斯特丹一家咖啡館的產品。中文字幕片在這裡: Read more

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Anti-Consumerist Breakdown|反消費主義的失敗|反消费主义的失败|反消費活動家と故障

I try my best not to be a mass consumer. I don't believe in buying the next newest thing that comes out when my old gear still works perfectly fine. There are several reasons for this. Firstly the environment, all this thrown away electrical gadgetry is a major contributor towards ruining our environment. I remember as a kid, if the tv broke we would take it in to get fixed. Now companies make it impossible to get something fixed. Parts and labor often cost more than buying a new one. Companies prefe...Read more

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Hot Summer Days Trailer |電影全城熱戀的預告片|电影全城热恋的预告片|ホット・サマー・デイズ 予告編

Releasing on Valentine's Day. | 二月十四號情人節上映| 二月十四号情人节上映| 公開はバレンタインデー。

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July 27, 2005