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Mos't Definite |Mos't Definite |Mos't Definite

Went to the Mos Def show last night. You might recognize him from movies like Hitchhikers Guide and 16 Blocks. Decent actor with a real cool laid back vibe and he's one of the very few that are doing anything interesting in hip-hop today.

I didn't think I would get in because tickets were sold out but on a whim, I walked all the way across town to the Highli...Read more

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Ladies Please....|女士們,請你們… | 女士们,请你们…

I can't hold my tounge any longer. Ladies, ladies, ladies, please stop the insanity! The sun is out and so are those stupid oversized 60's style sunglasses. Look at the picture below. That's reason enough not to wear these damn things. They should tack an extra 60 days on Paris' sentence just for wearing those silly glasses. Most guys do not find them cute and unless you are Lenny Kravitiz's drummer or Jackie O, you most likely can't pull them off, so just say no. If you are wearing them inside or...Read more

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What the hell?| 這到底是什麼? | 这到底是什么?

My director friend Aaron in New York showed me this. Has anyone seen this movie? This redited clip makes it seem absolutely insane! It's pretty damn funny.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6i2WRreARo |

紐約的導演朋友 Aaron給我看這個片段。有人看過這部電影嗎?這個剪輯看起來真是瘋狂!太搞笑了。Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6i2WRreARo| 纽约的导演朋友 Aaron给我看这个片段。有人看过这部电影吗?这个剪辑看起来真是疯狂!太搞笑了。

...Read more
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Holy Crap!! |天啊!! |天啊!!

My friend from South Africa sent me this with the following text attached. Read it before you watch the video. Damn, 606 takes! The things you can do with time, patience and lots of money. These things are called Rube Goldbergs, by the way

Video: Honda commercialAnd you Thought those people that set up roomfuls of dominos to knock over were amazing? There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time exactly as you see it.

The film took 606 takes. On the first...Read more

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Giving up my favorite cuppacino. |放棄我最愛的卡布其諾 | 放弃我最爱的卡布其诺

So sad! I have been forced to give up one of my favorite morning drinks cuppacino because I'm lactose intolerant. It started a few years ago and has gotten progressively worse with age. When you are lactose intolerant it means that you do not have enough enzymes in your stomach to break down and digest milk. Cuppacino has quite a bit of milk in it. I had one this morning before school and my stomach was cramping all day. That's not good when I'm trying to pay attention in class. I don'...Read more

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Goodness... | 我的天… |我的天…

....I totally forgot that school can be very tiring! When you're young it's cool but when you're old like me, it can be tough to stay fully concentrated for 8 hours a day. It was hard the first day, but now I'm getting into it. It's fun being back in school. Not so thrilled that I'm the second oldest in the class but I guess I have to face reality...I ain't a kid anymore!(but I still ride my skateboard to class)

I'm glad I spent my first week exploring and getting to know the city because I hav...Read more

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Trippy...| 迷幻… | 迷幻…

        This was an art installation in the Guggeheim Museum. 

|Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/Axk3kKNOvi4

來自Guggeheim博物館的藝術裝置展示。|Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/Axk3kKNOvi4


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Mother's Day |母親節 | 母亲节

My Mom's visiting after giving a talk up in Rochester. They gave her a new digital camera as a gift so we were trying it out.

We hung out in the park and talked. It was nice spending some down time with Mom.

My Mom took this picture of an evil squirell. After we took the picture, I fed him a piece of garlic and he exploded.

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Something is wrong |出了什麼問題| 出了什么问题

Was going to blog just now but phots wouldn't upload...too bad

| 剛才想寫 Blog,但照片沒辦法上傳…真可惜

|刚才想写 Blog,但照片没办法上传 …真可惜

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Katz's Deli | Katz熟食店 |Katz熟食店

Can't blog about New York without talking about the food.


This place is a New York institution serving up awesome kosher deli food. I think the orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally was filmed here. I didn't mean to have dinner here but I was walking by and couldn't resist.

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