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RT @TVTango: 📣@AMCTV Premieres Season 3 #IntoTheBadLands @IntotheBadlands w/ @danielwuyanzu @nickjfrost @EmilyBeecham @AramisKnight88 @Sh…

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RT @BadlandsWriters: Wishing a very happy birthday to @ShermanAugustu2 (a.k.a. Nathaniel Moon)! Get ready to see more of him in season 3 ⚔️…

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Back to clipper business. #intothebadlands #season3 #thesecondhalf #dublin #ireland🍀

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Big win for 2018! I braided my daughters hair. Elsa ain’t got nothin’ on this!

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More #TheTantō stuff! They showcased the car on #velocitychannel #battleofthebuilders2017 show. Cool for a car show newbie like me get props from pros like @rj_devera! #datsun #datsun510 #troyermishracing @b.a.y.d.m #sema2017 #battleofthebuilders

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Wow! This has been a great year for me getting back to design roots! First #TheTantō made top ten at this years Sema car show which I designed the look for. Now one of the buildings we built for our reality show has been nominated for a Royal Institute of British Architects award for 2018! Guess I should think about going back to being a designer? #design @riba #architecture #beautifulhouse

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TheTantō is finally in my possession! Went down to @zcargarage with #troyermish to do the final dyno test. Watch the video! 190bhp at the wheels out of a carbureted L series motor! #rebelloracing got a lot of power out of a tiny 4 cylinder motor. After the test I got the car and immediately headed for the hills. Then met up with @ser_grams in his #sssbluebird and drove another 100 miles or so. The sound, the power, the handling everything about this car is perfect! Love it! Thanks to everyone one who had something to do with this build, I couldn’t be more happy! #dat...Read more

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Here’s to the first moon of 2018!

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Happy 2018!

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Took the 911 out on a cruise with some old friends. Odd range of cars (1988 Daimler and 1965 Roll Royce Silver Cloud) fun nonetheless! #cruising #weekenddrive

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