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Let’s take a break and just enjoy this teaser of The Widow battling The Master. Who do you think will win this fight? Don’t miss the premiere of #Intothebadlands on March 24th on #Amc. Let’s try and get the live viewership for the premiere the highest it’s ever been. So tell your friends and relatives to tune in live on Sunday March 24th at 10pm! @intothebadlandsamc

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Ok let’s continue with the #intothebadlands tribute. Moon aka Sherman Augustus @shermgus is the shit. With a name like that how can you not be?From the moment he arrived for his episode in season 2, I knew he was going to click with the rest of the group. He had seen the first season and was already a fan. In fact it was his mother who was our fan first and who turned him onto it. He was so jazzed and excited to be on the show and it was his enthusiasm and that big smile that made him a welcome partner on set. Playing in the NFL did some damage on his body but I think...Read more

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The Widow aka @emily_beecham is our most popular and divisive characters and that has to do with her mesmerizing performances through the three seasons and of course her kick ass fighting ability. When I saw her audition tape I was literally taken aback about how strong her performance was. Honestly, I had it in my mind That The Widow would be exotic looking with dark black hair. Emily was the complete opposite with her fire red hair and porcelain white skin but her audition tape made all of us producers swing the other way and now I couldn’t imagine anyone else. Alth...Read more

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Tilda aka Ally Ioannides @allytheninja is another cast member I have a sweet spot for. From the moment I saw her casting tape, I told our other producers “we have to grab her! She is going to become a star” I think she was only 17 at the time but she had an old soul that you can see in her mesmerizing eyes. She also has a great dark sense of humor like me. We only had a few scenes together over the three seasons but I always loved seeing her around on set. Ally also had zero martial arts experience when we started but she always worked hard to push herself to grow and...Read more

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Instead of dwelling on the ending of #intothebadlands I am going to spend the next few posts on honoring and celebrating everyone who made Badlands what it is. MK aka @aramisknight was just a little boy when I met him. I was part of his audition process and was so surprised by his maturity for such a young boy. Over the three seasons I have watched him grow into a fine young man and become an excellent martial artist. I thought of him as a younger brother until he pointed out that I was only one year younger than his real Dad. So now I think of him as a son much in th...Read more

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RT @TheLewisTan: The final battle. The final season. I promise it will be bloody worth the wait. The epic TWO night premiere begins Marc…

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RT @oliverstarkk: Sad to hear about the cancellation of #IntoTheBadlands - my first job in the US. Wishing everyone well! https://t.co/cvgb…

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RT @nickjfrost: I was going to drop that season 3 returns 3/24 but it seems news has been released that season 3 will be #IntoTheBadlands l…

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RT @MorganicInk: Sometimes you work with amazing folks to create something special & you only get to do it for a short time. But your life…

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RT @TheRealAlGough: Our goal was to make a groundbreaking martial arts drama and we are so grateful to all the fans who have supported ITB…

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