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Glad to be back home...again.|很高興回家了•••再次|很高兴回家了•••再次|Glad to be back home...again.

Wow..what a tiring week. Was in Beijing since Saturday promoting two movies, The Last Supper and Inseparable. I'm glad that Inseparable has finally gotten a tentative release date of May 4th hopefully they will release the trailer soon so I can share it with you all. In the meantime here is the trailer for The Last Supper. Enjoy!

Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzcxNzQ0NzUy.htmlRead more

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So clever!|實在精巧|实在精巧|So Clever!

I like clever things. Clever people, clever design and in this case clever music video. With 20 Million hits already I think some of you may have already seen this but I just found this yesterday. Cool way to film a song and band.

Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzQwNTcxMjE2.html | 我喜歡精巧的事物:精巧的人,精巧的設計,還有這裏提到的精巧的音樂視頻。這個視頻已經有兩千萬的點擊率了,我想你們當中有些人可能早已看過,但我是昨天才看到的。用這種手法拍攝一支歌曲和樂隊,真是酷。 Video: Read more

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Back to reality |回歸現實 |回归现实

Hello! Just got back to HK last week and completed my around the world trip. South Africa was amazing as usual but the time went by too quickly. I'll try and post some pics in the coming days.

In the past month Linsanity has died down but he is still playing at a decent level. I came across this video the other day. It's really kind of messed up but it's also really funny. Enjoy!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?...Read more

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1 degree of separation|壹度分隔理論|壹度分隔理论|1 degree of separation

Sitting in a daze at London Heathrow airport on a 5 hour layover from New York on my way to South Africa for a long vacation after having traveling 3/4 around the world in less than a week. My time clock is f*cked right now. By the time I get back to Hong Kong I will have had traveled all the way around the globe. After pretty much working 14 months straight it'...Read more

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I lived through the Linsaity and it's truly Linsane!!!!| 親歷“林書豪熱”,真是“豪瘋狂”!|亲历“林书豪热”,真是“豪疯狂”!!!!

If you've been following my blog, you might notice I use the word insane a lot. From now on, I will officially use the word Linsane. Why? Because tonight I got to witness the Linsanity in the flesh.

When I was in New York in November and December filming Europa Report, I was really let down that I didn't get ...Read more

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Jeremy Lin|林書豪|林书豪|Jeremy Lin

For those of you who don't know, there a Chinese American kid playing in the NBA. His name is Jeremy Lin and he had a helluva night Saturday. For the past two years of his professional career this basketball prodigy from Harvard has been playing mostly garbage minutes. Although he has proven his potential at various times, namely schooling John Wall in a summer league game and scoring a triple double in the Development League, Jeremy hasn't been trusted to play real NBA basketball. Saturday night however, he was given hi...Read more

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Bye Bye Queensland!|再見,昆士蘭|再见,昆士兰|Bye Bye Queensland!

Spent the Chinese New Years Holiday in Queensland, Australia. Hamilton Island was incredibly beautiful. Got to go diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Went to my good pal's wedding in the Gold Coast. Brisbane was a bit boring but the Chinese food was awesome. To those kids who put my car license plate on Weibo...that was not cool. Which is proof to me that Brisbane is really boring. It's a rental car and I feel sorry for the next person who rents that car and has a bunch of Chinese kids following the...Read more

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Social media relenting|接納社交媒體|接纳社交媒体|social media relenting

I've finally relented and opened a twitter account. Not sure how I'll use it but so far it's been interesting following other people. @danielwuyanzu | Read more

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Beautifully Surreal...and seriously crazy.|美妙、夢幻…極度瘋狂|美妙、梦幻…极度疯狂|Beautifully Surreal...and seriously crazy.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all. May the year of the Dragon be prosperous for all of you.

My sister sent me this video the other day and I just watched with my mouth wide open. I wonder what it feels like to be tossed through that insanely huge wave. Those guys have big big balls.

Youku.com link - http://v.youku.com/vshow/idXMzQ3MDk5MDk2.html ...Read more

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Longboard Mania|瘋狂的長板|疯狂的长板|Longboard Mania

Since I broke my leg skating in New York a couple years ago I don't skate anymore. Not because I'm afraid of getting hurt again but because it cost me a lot of work being laid up at home for 2 months. When I skated I used to frown at the long boarders. Mainly because of the image of crunchy hippies riding down the boardwalk on Venice beach. These guys take it to another level though. Would I try it? Heck no. But I do ...Read more

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