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Inseparable available in the US now

For all the friends who've asked how they can see Inseparable in the US, I've pasted a couple links below. Please try and watch it on a BIG TV with good sound and not on your iPhones!! Thanks! ;-)

INSEPARABLE is now available under new release at Blockbuster's and other video shops in the US, as well as iTunes and other online sites. Here are some links below, please share this info with others! (Also available OnDemand via Warner & At&t)

Warning: Please SKIP watching...Read more

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我刚更新了2012版新浪微博Android客户端,推荐你也一起来体验http://t.cn/SVpOpR 好东西一定要分享噢!下载安装后签到 “微博2012船票点”,豪华邮轮船票等你来拿!http://t.cn/SV8B3n

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Hi everyone,

Sorry, I haven't updated this page here in ages! You can follow me on my weibos:





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昨天我很有幸被邀请到阅兵式现场观看。我微薄里昨天发了几张手机上拍的照,在这里再分享几张吧(我前两个星期刚开通了微薄,玩微薄的朋友们可以去 [这里](http://t.sina.com.cn/wushixian) 看看——更新的比我这个博客快)由于拍摄角度有限以及我本来就看的眼花缭乱不想因拍照错过任何东西,所以没时间好好摆相机,只能到处狂“抓拍”一些我所看到的情景——晕得很,一会儿用相机拍,一会儿用手机拍,同时还得交换机器拍点DV Read more

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今天早上一起来发现收到了数条短信和邮件,写的都是:Michael Jackson is dead。



我好久没写博客了,谢谢部分网友的关心。在这里趁机跟那些留言骂我“死哪...Read more

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Mission Impossible | 無可完成的任務 | 无可完成的任务

Hi all. Finished shooting yesterday. Talk about a hardcore shoot. We had to squeeze in 3 days worth of shooting into 2 days because of actor schedules -- normally not a problem when NOT shooting car chases and action!   On top of that, I only have 4 days of post-pro time before it airs on national TV live. Before I sign off: "I'd like to thank the academy and CCTV for leaving everything until the last minute!" Read more

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Special Golden Rooster Mission|非常金雞任務|非常金鸡任务

[Translated into English by AliveNotDead:]

The comments posted when I didn't blog made me laugh, haha. Thanks for the concern & support! The reason I didn't blog was because I was busy preparing my next film. I have been developing several projects since last year, and decided the project which I most wanted to shoot in Jan this year. This project is an idea I had for few years but hadn't writing down completely. I blocked out about 8 months of my time to finish it (I'm always slow writ...Read more

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Not Dead But Alive | 還活著

Hi everyone! Glad to be here and join the posse. Mark and the boys posted some entries from my Sina blog -- probably so it doesn't look like a non-functioning wasteland here. For the curious, I live in Beijing for most of the year, currently busy gearing up to do my next film. I'll try and post more entries soon (in English). Look forward to hanging out here.

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