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Jeanne Hartman's Acting Weekend|Jeanne Hartman的表演課周末|Jeanne Hartman的表演课周末|ジーン・ハートマンの演技講座

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Why Politics Matter...|為什麽談政治…|为什么谈政治…|政治について語る理由

I noticed on most of my political related blogs there were some comments from people saying that they don't like or care about politics, so I thought I'd address the matter. I actually don't like politics either but I  do care very much about politics. Let me say, I'm not forcing any ideas upon anybody here I just want to tell you my story...

When I was five years old, I wanted to be the first Chinese American President of the United States, then soon after I wanted to be a fireman the...Read more

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I hate this woman!|我恨這女人!|我恨这女人!|この女は嫌いだ

I know I wasn't gonna get too political here but I just can't help it. I really hate Sarah Palin. If McCain gets elected, I might have to shoot myself. He would be the oldest president ever to take office and if he had a stroke or his cancer came back, this is who we'd have running things? Even as a vice president she's an idiot and embarrassment to all American people. She reminds me of a female George Bush with that stupid smug look on her face when she speaks. I'm an actor, I can detect an insin...Read more

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Shanghai-Xiao Yang San Jian Bao|上海–小楊生煎包|上海–小杨生煎包|上海–小楊生煎包

San Jian Bao is a special kind of dumpling, much similar to the Xiao Lung Bao but bigger and less delicate. It's characterized by it's crispy bottom that is pan fried after it is steamed.

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Wu Yi Shan-Huckleberry Finn|武夷山 - 哈克貝利•弗恩歷險|武夷山 - 哈克贝利•弗恩历险|武夷山―ハックルベリー・フィン

After reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in fifth grade, I have always had this dream of going on a river raft adventure down the Mississippi River. Since moving to Asia I still kept the dream but wanted to do it down the Yangtze or the Yellow river. Wouldn't it be fun to build...Read more

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Nasty Neighbor|討厭的鄰居|讨厌的邻居|やっかいな隣人

Ever had an unreasonably nasty neighbor? They're a pain in the ass, kind of like getting a splinter that you can't pull out. There's this lady who lives below me and she's one of those nasty ones. When I moved in three years ago, I was unpacking boxes at around 9:30 at night and she came up to complain about the noise. I told her I was sorry but that I wasn't actually making that much noise and I would try to be more quiet. Mind you they live two floors below me. Then just as I was about to shut the door...Read more

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Bill Clinton supports Obama|比爾•克林頓支持奧巴馬|比尔•克林顿支持奥巴马|ビル・クリントンはオバマを支援する

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3r6xvwPGcYWell thanks to my friends in Beijing, I've been at home sick the past few days. Nothing to worry about though because it allowed me to watch the Democratic National Convention and to finally see Obama officially announced as the Democratic National Candidate. If you've been reading this blog or know me in any way what so ever, you know I have been supportin...Read more

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Basketball Finals and Olympic Review.|男籃決賽和奧運會回顧|男篮决赛和奥运会回顾|バスケットボール決勝戦とオリンピックの感想

Today is the last day of the Olympics and the finals of one of my favorite sports, basketball. Today Lithuania took on Argentina for the bronze and Spain vs. USA for the gold. Argentina won easily but the highlight of the day was watching Spain give the US a run for it's money. I thought The Dream Team 2 was going to blow out Spain and was expect...Read more

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Athletics 2008|2008田徑項目|2008田径项目|陸上競技2008

Went to the Athletics event last night at the Bird's Nest. Where did the name Athletics come from? I thought it was called Track and Field? How is Athletics a better name? To me it sounds like high school P.E., physical education. What was I being physically educated about? We were just playing sports.

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Men's and Women's Tennis Finals|男女網球決賽|男女网球决赛|男子・女子テニスの決勝

I wrote a nice long blog about my first Olympic event and how great the atmosphere here in Beijing is now but when I tried to upload it, it disappeared so all your going to get from me here is the photos. Congrats to Nadal for the gold!

On another note my heart goes out to Liu Xiang for pulling out of the Olympics. I don't think any single athlete in the world had as much pressure as he did. I can only imagine the dialogue going on inside his head for the past few weeks. I hope he ...Read more

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