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HIgh School | 回到高中母校| 回到高中母校

Gave a talk at my high school, Head Royce, last week. My old English and Japanese lit teacher Barry Barankin somehow found me through the SF Asian American Film Festival people and invited to me to talk about how I got where I am today. It was cool seeing all my teachers from way back when( I graduated class of '92) and to see they were still inspiring students and still looked pretty much the same....Read more

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SF continued. | 舊金山 續. | 旧金山续.

Ok, so I meant to blog more on this trip but things were much busier than expected both in SF and LA. Now I'm back in the BAY catching up on some much needed sleep, rest and blogging! I must say the SF Asian American Film Festival was very good and exciting this year! There were so many great films from so many from different places. I saw Wayne Wang's "A Thousad Years of Good Prayers...Read more

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Gay Taleban? | 同性戀塔利班?| 同性恋塔利班?

A good friend of mine from highschool, Elaine Chin, was in New York and came across these photos found by photographer Mark Dworzak while he spent time in Afghanistan. The above photo is his own photo but go to the Magnum Photos site here to see...Read more

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Home Sweet Home! | 家,甜蜜的家! |家,甜蜜的家!

Back home for the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival. Will be doing a Q&A for Blood Brothers as well as a special discussion panel entitled "Crossing Over". Any excuse to be back home makes me happy. Probably will head down to LA on this trip as well. I used to not like the Asian American films just because the subject matter quickly became very stereotypically boring. I mean i re...Read more

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Stone Cold (warning!!Not for weak stomaches!) | 石頭般冰冷(警告!! 膽小者慎入!) |石头般冰冷(警告!!胆小者慎入!)

Do you know what a Lithopedion is? The definition is here. It's a stone baby! I was watching tv late the other night and there was a story on stone babies on. It totally blew my mind. This is seriously ...Read more

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Search for Good | 搜尋好東西 | 搜尋好東西

If you want to do some good while you surf. Use this engine. Don't know why more people aren't ding this.

| 上網時如果要搜索,推薦你用 這個


| 上网时如果要搜索,推荐你用 这个


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Everyday Normal Guy | 普通的平常人|普通的平常人

I stole this from Kanye West's blog. It's great!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PsnxDQvQpw

| 從Kanye West 博客轉過來的視頻,很棒!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PsnxDQv...Read more

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Time Magazine Style and Design Issue | 《時代》雜誌風尚與設計期刊| 《时代》杂志风尚与设计期刊

Just got back from another trip to Shanghai today. Last night was the Shanghai Chivas party celebrating the re-release of their 25 year whiskey. It was a grand event with everyone in black tie. Guests included, Tony Leung (The Lover), Gong Li, Jet Li,Stephen Fung, Karen Mok, Tim Yip, Lisa and myse...Read more

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A Week To Remember | 難忘的一周

Damn! This was a hard week on Lisa and I physically and emotionally. Last Friday we took our two dogs for a routine grooming. I was working hard on a new L'Oreal commercial when I got a call saying our little chiuahua,  Chiquita, had to be rushed to the hospital because she had a massive seizure. She was treated and stabilized by the time I was able to get off work and everything seemed to be under co...Read more

Rivers of Suzhou | 蘇州的河流 | 苏州的河流

I've been in Suzhou for the past few days finishing up my last days on the movie Shinjuku Incident. Three months in Japan and the past few days out here in Suzhou have really made this project a serious adventure.

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